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Irina Bihary of Lighthouse Point, Florida Arrested for Criminal Mischief, Aggravated Assault

Irina Bihary of Lighthouse Point, Florida was arrested Tuesday and Wednesday for alleged altercations with various neighbors, news sources report. Bihary, 37, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of resisting arrest without violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A judge denied her bail bond on the criminal mischief charge. The press did not specify a defense attorney for Bihary.

According to reports, Bihary was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly kicking one of her neighbor’s doors. The details of that incident were not available at press time; however, sources indicate Bihary was charged afterwards with criminal mischief and booked into jail. Bihary also has a prior criminal record; according to public records, she has faced charges of false imprisonment and trespassing in the past. The details and results of those cases are not currently known.

This latest incident occurred on Wednesday, while Bihary was out on bond from her Tuesday arrest, reports say. Bihary and one of her neighbors, Tatjana Piazza-Trapini, got into an argument about an about an unspecified topic. Piazza-Trapini later told the press that Bihary has “mental issues” and that “I’ve been talking to [her husband] trying to give him advice on how to get away from her,” which may have been what the argument was about. Piazza-Trapini was not the neighbor involved in the Tuesday altercation, sources report.

At some point during the argument, Bihary retrieved a large knife from her kitchen, sources say. The then allegedly told Piazza-Trapini, “I will kill you,” reports say. Bihary then allegedly ordered her 65-year-old husband to kill Piazza-Trapini. “She didn’t get that close to actually try to stab me but I’m freaking out,” Piazza-Trapini reportedly said after the incident. “… she threatened my life and wanted to kill me and even told her husband to kill me.”

There is nothing to suggest that Bihary actually attacked the woman; according to reports, no one was injured in the verbal altercation. However, police were called to the scene and Bihary was again taken to jail. In court, a County Judge reportedly said to Bihary, “You just got out of jail for committing another crime on one of your other neighbors.”

Bihary reportedly spoke on her behalf at the hearing. “I would like to walk out of this courthouse right now if it’s possible and not as a prisoner or anything,” Bihary allegedly told the judge. “I would just like to walk out like I did [Wednesday] and I don’t need to be spied [on] by your people.”

The county judge reportedly allowed Bihary to speak for several minutes before interjecting, “Ma’am, I’m not trying to be derogatory when I say this but you appear to be mentally unstable, you appear to be irrational, and the court is concerned that this is the same type of behavior you’re displaying toward your neighbors.” It is not known whether a mental issue could actually be at play and, if so, whether Bihary could be found unfit to stand for trial.

Source: 9.24.13 Bihary Aggravated Battery.pdf

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