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Safe Deposit Box Owners Lose Their Property in FBI Raid in Beverly Hills, California

pexels-gabby-k-5849590-300x176Hundreds of safe deposit box owners were affected by an FBI raid at U.S. Private Vaults in Beverly Hills, CA, news sources report. The FBI reportedly seized all of the contents of the safe deposit boxes.

According to the press, the FBI executed the raid due to criminal allegations against U.S. Private Vaults. The agency believes the business was involved in protecting illegal activities and allowing criminals to stash their ill-gotten possessions.

The raid caused an uproar from numerous anonymous Private Vaults customers. Hundreds of safe-deposit box owners had their valuables seized on grounds that they are allegedly illegal proceedings. The general nature of the search and seizure is borderline unconstitutional.

The legal implication of this particular case is complicated due to the nature of the raided business. U.S. Private Vaults offers its customers anonymity and safety for their belongings. Critics say that when the FBI raided the business, they were potentially infringing on the Fourth Amendment rights of its customers.

To make matters worse for the deposit box owners, the FBI has sealed the search and seizure warrant. This make the situation more complicated because there is no way to know if the FBI had enough grounds to take the contents of the boxes unless the warrant is unsealed.

Several individuals have tried to get a temporary restraining order on the warrant in order to retrieve their property, but the judge who heard the case did not rule in their favor. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that the actions of the FBI could be violating the constitutional rights of the vault owners.

The FBI concedes that there may be innocent civilians affected in the case. Their proposed solution, however, is unpalatable to many of the box owners. To get their possessions back, the FBI requires the anonymous owners to identify their assets and provide proof that the items were legally obtained.

The property owners, many of whom are concerned with privacy, naturally have qualms about this. According to news reports, the owners are afraid that the FBI might question the ownership of their assets and charge them with an offense once they give up their anonymity.

The hesitations of the property owners are not unfounded. All over the country, many cases of property seizures happen just because authorities have doubts about ownership. There have been many allegations that led property owners to lose their possessions to authorities forever. Given this, it is understandable why the safe deposit box owners fear revealing their identities.

Civil asset forfeiture is what many critics consider to be a broken system that authorities have taken advantage of for many years. Nonetheless, property owners involved in this case are not giving up their rights and property. They are continuing to fight against the injustice that allegedly happened to them.

With the help of an attorney, a civil forfeiture case doesn’t have to be a financial death sentence. It is always necessary to have an experienced legal representative. If your lawful property has been seized in a raid, then you should consult an attorney who can contest the civil forfeiture and get your property back.

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