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Imran Siddiqi and Farah Lakhani of Miami, Florida Arrested for Marijuana Trafficking

Imran Siddiqi and Farah Lakhani of Miami, Florida were arrested on May 17 for allegedly running a marijuana growing operation in their home. Police received a tip on the Crime Stoppers hotline that implicated the couple, sources say.

The pair face charges for manufacturing and possession of a controlled substance in the presence of a minor, grand theft of the third degree, and trafficking over 25 pounds worth of marijuana. They are currently detained without bond at Turner Guilford Knight Detention Center until a special bond hearing can be held. The hearing will determine whether they can post bail with legally obtained money. It is unclear whether the pair has hired a defense attorney.

News sources say that after receiving the anonymous tip, Miami-Dade police planned a sweep of the house without obtaining a search warrant first. They were received at the door by Lakhani, who purportedly told them that she couldn’t let them enter the home without calling her husband first. She eventually conceded to their request of a security sweep, but only after she exited the home with her young son.

Officers who performed the sweep claim to have detected a strong odor of marijuana from outside the residence. Once they were in the house, Lakhani reportedly shouted that her husband and mother were still inside.

The officers found Siddiqi–with his hands allegedly covered in a “white powdery” substance–near the master bedroom. His mother-in-law, Shahida, was found praying in the bedroom. The arrest report states that the two remaining family members were escorted out of the residence without incident.

During the security sweep, police reportedly noticed that the garage was locked. After questioning Siddiqi, he purportedly produced the key and told them that the garage could only be accessed from outside. The officers reportedly found a hydroponics setup inside the locked garage containing a total of 64 cannabis plants.

According to the arrest report, Siddiqi and Lakhani were detained in a marked police car during the sweep. A hidden microphone recorded Siddiqi allegedly telling Lakhani to lie and deny any knowledge of the marijuana hydroponics setup. He also purportedly told her that he had hidden money inside the walls of the house.

After thoroughly searching the house and its walls, police reportedly found a stash of more than $10,000. Siddiqi was also allegedly found with $2,100 on his person. News sources did not say whether a first-appearance court session has been scheduled for the couple.

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