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Hollywood, Florida Crash Leaves Officer, Woman Injured

A Hollywood, Florida car accident left two people, including a police officer, with injuries on Friday, news sources report. The crash occurred when a police car reportedly struck another vehicle and barreled into the side of a home while speeding to a robbery site. Neither victim was publicly identified immediately following the incident. The officer was treated at Memorial Regional Hospital, while the other driver was treated at an unspecified location. Police are currently investigating the incident. It is too early to say whether charges will be filed. It is also unclear whether anyone will file a suit.

According to reports, the incident occurred Friday evening. It all began when the officer received reports of a robbery around Interstate 95 and Johnson Street and sped towards the scene. News sources did not specify whether the officer had his lights and sirens on as he traveled to the site.

The officer was just outside Teresa Alvarado’s single story home on Johnson Street in Hollywood when the crash occurred. Alvarado was apparently hosting a get-together at the time; there were seven people present, sources say, including Alvarado, a 94-year-old woman, and Vanessa Alvarado, Alvarado’s niece, who was visiting. Marcia Vandervis, a friend of Alvarado’s, was knocking at the door with her two-year-old just before the crash; Alvarado was on the other side of the door, about to let Vandervis in, sources say.

The officer was travelling down Johnson Street when he struck a silver BMW driven by an unidentified woman, sources say. The collision sent the officer’s car into Alvarado’s home, directly towards the door that Vandervis was knocking on. Vandervis reportedly grabbed hold of her child and leapt out of the car’s path.

“I thought it was a bomb,” Alvarado reportedly said. The police car reportedly penetrated a wall and struck a couch, shoving it into Alvarado’s leg. The crash also sent debris and glass all over the home. It is not clear whether anyone in the home sustained injury.

The officer managed to climb out of the wreckage despite injuries. When the officer attempted to aid the other driver, Vandervis asked the officer to sit for his own safety. A nearby resident reportedly used the officer’s radio to let the police department know what had happened. Another person rushed to the BMW driver’s aid. That driver was panic-stricken and leapt from her vehicle in tears, sources say.

The officer was taken to the Memorial Regional Hospital. He was released from the hospital on Saturday. “I thought [the officer] was dead, because the impact was huge,” Vandervis reportedly told the press. The driver of the BMW was taken to the hospital as well; she has since been treated and left the hospital on Friday.

Meanwhile, the occupants of Alvarado’s home were still baffled about what had happened. “This is where we get together,” Vanessa Alvarado reportedly said of the damaged living room. “That’s how you know God protects us.”

It is still unclear whether either driver was at fault for the crash. It is also not yet known how much damage was done to the home, and whether the accident compromised the structural integrity of the dwelling.

Source: 10.6.13 Hollywood Crash.pdf

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