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Hector Ramirez of Miami, Florida Arrested for Providing False Information to the Police

Hector Ramirez of Miami, Florida was arrested Tuesday after he was accused of crashing into a police officer on a motorcycle, then lying about it to authorities, news sources indicate. The officer on the motorcycle reportedly sustained injuries to his shoulder in they accident. Ramirez, 49, was booked into the Miami-Dade County jail on charges of providing false information on a crash report and failing to yield for an emergency vehicle. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail. It is also not yet known whether he has hired a lawyer.

Reports say the incident occurred as the motorcycle officer attempted to clear traffic at an intersection for a funeral procession. At the same time, Ramirez was driving his pickup truck towards the light. Ramirez allegedly failed to yield to the officer end ended up hitting the officer’s motorcycle. It is not clear whether Ramirez had the light at the time.

Following the accident, Ramirez reportedly told officers that another vehicle cut him off. “He [Ramirez] claims that someone cut him off so he had to avoid that accident and went into path of this officer,” a Miami police spokesperson said. However, reports say surveillance footage taken near the scene allegedly shows Ramirez coming to a stop at the intersection and then driving over a marked road line, right into the path of the motorcycle officer.

Ramirez later said that his intentions were to drive his vehicle onto a bank out of the officer’s way. “No, no, no, no. He’s the one that hits me… because I am a little bit outside the yellow line,” Ramirez told reporters. “The policeman was coming the wrong way. He’s coming very, very fast.”

Following the collision, the officer received medical attention for an injured shoulder, which was either dislocated or broken in the accident. It is not clear whether Ramirez sustained injury. An investigation into Ramirez’s claims that the officer was speeding at the time is likely ongoing.

In other news, Rebecca Jenks Of Deland, Florida was arrested Sunday after she was accused of physically assaulting her mother and an 8-year-old child, reports indicate. She also allegedly attacked another inmate once in jail. Jenks, 41, was booked into police custody on charges of child abuse, battery, driving with a revoked license, and battery on a person detained in jail. It is unclear whether she qualified for bail or hired legal representation following her arrest.

Reports say the incident occurred sometime Sunday evening. Jenks reportedly had too much to drink and became upset when her mother tried to calm her. Jenks allegedly kicked at the 66-year-old woman, and an 8-year-old child who was at the scene reportedly tried to step in. Jenks allegedly struck the child in the back of her neck with her hand, reports say. It is not clear whether the 8-year-old is related to Jenks and her mother, nor is it clear where the child’s parents were at the time. Reports did not mention whether the victims required medical attention following the incident.

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