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Gregory Richardson, Deerfield Beach, Florida High School Teacher, Arrested for Domestic Violence

Gregory Richardson, a Deerfield Beach, Florida high school teacher, was arrested Saturday after he was accused of physically assaulting his wife during an argument, reports say. Richardson, 54, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of aggravated domestic assault with a firearm and domestic battery. His bail bond was set at $11,000. It is not yet known whether Richardson has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

Reports say Richardson worked as a Physical Education teacher at the Deerfield Beach High School for the past eight years. Children from the school’s sports teams often referred to the teacher as “trainer,” reports say. Several students made statements to the press following the incident, expressing their shock and disbelief about the recent charges. “Everybody in the school is wondering how this happened because you would never expect it from him,” one student said. So far, the high school does not seem to have made a statement regarding the arrest.

The incident occurred on Saturday at the couple’s residence, sources say. According to a neighbor, the couple often engaged in verbal arguments. The witness told the press, “[Richardson and his wife] fight. I don’t know what they fight about, but [they make] a lot of noise. Only from him. I don’t hear from her.”

On the night of the incident, Richardson allegedly struck his wife in the face during an argument. The victim claimed he grabbed her by her hair and arm and pushed her onto their bed. Then he allegedly threatened to kill her. She later told police that Richardson keeps a gun in a drawer near their bed and that she feared that he might actually kill her. Afraid for her life, she was able to secure herself in the home’s bathroom and call police, reports say. When officers arrived, they took Richardson into custody and later found the handgun in the couple’s home. According to reports, the gun was loaded, though there was no indication that Richardson threatened the woman with it.

In other news, seven women, all Miami, Florida airport restaurant employees, were arrested Friday after they were accused of pocketing money from their employer’s cash register, reports indicate. The women were booked into police custody on charges of organized fraud and theft. It is unclear if they qualified for bail. It is also unknown if the suspects have hired legal representation.

According to reports, all seven of the women worked at Café Versailles, which is located in Terminal D of the Miami International Airport. Their employer, Global Miami J.V., which operates a number of restaurants out of the Miami area, began monitoring employees at the café when after money started to go missing from the cash register. The company linked the restaurant’s cash register to an external database that recorded and compared sales and profits, confirming that there was something amiss.

Surveillance footage taken from within the restaurant reportedly showed the employees “putting money in their pockets,” from the register, a spokesperson from the organization said. He reported the alleged theft to police, who reviewed the footage and took the women into custody.

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