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Greg Dent, Florida State University Football Player, Arrested for Sexual Assault

Greg Dent, a Florida State University football player, was arrested Sunday after he was accused of sexually assaulting a close friend who was sleeping over at his home following a night out, news sources report. Dent was booked into police custody on charges of sexual assault on a person over the age of 12. A judge ordered that he be held on $15,000 bail bond. It is not yet known whether Dent has retained a defense lawyer.

According to reports, Dent is among Florida State University’s top receivers this season and was set to compete for an all-star role in the coming year. “Dent is playing exceptional[ly],” an FSU spokesperson said earlier this year. “Dent is by far playing the best.” Sources say Dent has already racked up 4 touchdowns and 40 career receptions.

Despite his stellar record, pending these allegations, Dent has been suspended from the FSU team. “We are aware of the situation with Greg Dent. He’s suspended indefinitely from all team activities as we let the legal process run its course,” an FSU spokesperson said. It remains to be seen whether Dent will get his position with the team back.

Reports say Dent and the victim are long-time friends. On Sunday night, Dent and the victim went to a nightclub and then retired to Dent’s home. The victim decided to stay the night, as she had done on several previous occasions without incident, reports say.

Sometime during the night, the victim was allegedly awoken by Dent, who was attempting to kiss her. The victim told him to stop, reports say. Dent allegedly persisted and the victim bit him on the lip to deter his advances. However, Dent allegedly continued the alleged unwanted activity. The victim, in another attempt to stop him, took hold of his hair and struck him in the face, sources indicate. Dent eventually stopped and the victim reported the alleged assault to police.

In other news, Britney Jean Rohdy of Ocala was arrested Monday after she was accused of going to a bar and leaving her one-month-old child in her vehicle in the parking lot for over an hour, reports say. Rohdy, 22, was booked into the Marion County Jail on charges of child neglect and possession of Oxycodone. IT is unclear whether she qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to reports, Rohdy pulled up to an area bar with her one-month old baby in the back seat at around 12:30 Monday morning. Witnesses near the scene reportedly noticed that Rohdy left the child unattended in the back seat and went into the bar. Concerned about the child’s wellbeing, a witness called police to report the incident.

Officers arrived and purportedly found the child in the back seat with the window down. The child appeared to be perspiring, reports say. Officers went into the bar and asked Rohdy to come outside at around 1:17 a.m. Rohdy reportedly told officers that she had been in the bar for around five minutes; however, police purportedly claim that Rohdy was in the bar for at least 45 minutes. Custody of the child was temporarily given to a relative following Rohdy’s arrest.

Sources: 6.10.13 Dent Sexual Assault.pdf, 6.11.13 Rohdy Child Neglect.pdf.

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