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Goulds, Florida Collision Sends Man, Teen to the Hospital

A Goulds, Florida collision sent a driver and a teenage pedestrian to the hospital Sunday, news sources report. The accident occurred at an intersection in a residential part of the city. Reports did not give the names of those involved. The injured parties were taken to a nearby hospital; information regarding their condition was not immediately available following the crash. A traffic light was not working at the intersection at the time of the accident, which may have contributed to the collision. It remains to be seen whether the victims will file a lawsuit against the city for failing to deal with the broken traffic light in a timely fashion.

According to reports, the collision occurred at the intersection of Southwest 112th Avenue and Old Cutler Road. An aerial view shows that the intersection is very complex and has multiple turning lanes. Witnesses say the traffic light at the intersection was not working when a van and another vehicle met at opposing ends of the street. “[Both vehicles] were stopped [at the intersection], it was [the other vehicles] turn to go and he started to go, but [the first vehicle] didn’t see the light and … hit him,” one witness said.

The collision reportedly sent the van barreling towards a teenage pedestrian nearby. “[The van] hit [the teenager] a little bit, it didn’t crush or smash him, it just tapped him. I guess he ran out of the way,” a witness said. Paramedics arrived and rushed one of the drivers and the teen to a nearby hospital. Information regarding their injuries was not immediately available following the crash.

In other accident-related news, one person was injured in Lake Worth when his vehicle veered off the street and collided with several trees, reports say. The injured person was not identified in repots; he was taken to the Delray Medical Center following the crash, and information regarding his condition was not immediately available. It is currently unclear what caused the accident.

Reports say the crash occurred shortly before 7:00 along Lake Avenue in Lake Worth. The driver of an SUV apparently lost control of his vehicle and exited the street near a bridge. The SUV plowed into several trees before coming to a stop.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue teams arrived to the scene and had to extricate the victim from the vehicle. Paramedics air-rushed the victim to the Delray Medical Center via the Trauma Hawk helicopter. An investigation is ongoing, and the FHP has yet to determine what caused the driver to lose control of the SUV.

In other news, a recently restored restaurant in Dania Beach was damaged in a vehicle accident Saturday, reports say. An SUV reportedly crashed into one of the restaurant’s walls; no one was injured. The restaurant suffered only minor damages. It is unclear whether a lawsuit will result.

Reports say the Tropical Acres Steakhouse on 2500 Griffin Road was badly damaged by a fire in August 2011 and the owners just recently finished fixing it back up. On Saturday, an SUV reportedly collided with one of the restaurant’s walls. It is not yet clear what caused the driver to crash into the restaurant.

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