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Gilberto Valle, New York City Police Officer, Arrested in Kidnapping Plot

Gilberto Valle, a New York City police officer, was arrested Thursday after authorities accused him of plotting to kidnap, rape, cook, and eat women, news sources indicate. Valle, 28, was suspended from his job with the police department and now faces charges of federal kidnapping conspiracy. He is being held without bail bond at this time. It is unclear whether he has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

Reports say Valle worked for the New York Police Department’s 26th precinct prior to his arrest. According to reports, the investigation into Valle’s activities began when Valle’s estranged wife contacted the FBI to report that she had seen suspicious messages on his computer. The FBI forwarded the report to the NYPD’s internal affairs unit, who inspected Valle’s PC and located the purported emails. In the messages to a few unidentified conspirators, Valle allegedly discussed his desires to pick up women, knock them out, and eventually cook them in his oven.

Valle’s computer allegedly contained documents listing names and pictures of 100 potential victims. In some cases, Valle gave the female victim’s titles such as “Victim 1” and “Victim 2,” and had detailed documents on his computer regarding how he planned to kidnap and torture the women. Reports say Valle allegedly used the police database in his department to conduct research on some of the potential victims. In at least once case, detectives allege that Valle traveled to meet one of the potential victims in Maryland on July 22; however, there were no reports of wrongdoing in that incident.

Valle messaged individuals in other countries that shared in his dark fantasies, sources say. During those alleged conversations, Valle talked about placing women in his oven, reportedly saying it was “big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs.” During a conversation with a contact identified as a co-conspirator, reports allege that Valle explained how he could make chemicals at home to subdue his victims. No other arrests appear to have been made in connection to the alleged kidnapping plot, and it is not clear whether police are pursuing other leads.

In one conversation, Valle allegedly offered to sell a woman to a conspirator for $5,000. When the other suspect asked for a discount, Valle allegedly wrote, “”I am putting my neck on the line here. If something goes wrong somehow, I am in deep [expletive].” He purportedly went on to say, “Like I said this is very risky and will ruin my life if I am caught. I really need the money and I can’t take under $5,000.”

Initially, the NYPD internal affairs department considered Valle’s conversations as being purely fantastic. It was not until he reportedly traveled to meet on of his victims that they started to take the alleged messages seriously. The investigators swooped down on Valle and found additional messages on his home computer, which led to his incarceration. Following the allegations, he was suspended from his job with the precinct. As of now, police have not indicated that Valle is suspecting of actually hurting anyone.

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