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Gary Montgomery, Polk County, Florida Sergeant, Arrested for Battery

Gary Montgomery was arrested in Polk County, Florida after three female jail employees accused him of inappropriately touching them, according to press reports. Montgomery, 48, was booked at Polk County Jail on five counts of misdemeanor battery. He has later released on $2500 bail bond, according to reports. It is not clear whether Montgomery has retained a criminal defense lawyer.

Press reports indicate that Montgomery is a detention sergeant at Polk County Jail. He reportedly started working for the Polk County Sheriff’s office in 1985, nearly 30 years ago. He was promoted to his current position in 1993. There is no cause to believe that he has ever faced disciplinary action within the department before. Upon being charged, Montgomery reportedly resigned from his position. Sources indicate that if he had not resigned, he would have been fired, although the trial is not yet underway and Montgomery is, as in all cases, innocent until proven guilty.

According to news reports, Montgomery was accused of inappropriately touching three of the female jail workers who he supervised. The alleged touching started approximately two years prior and continued into this year, sources indicate. The workers alleged that Montgomery touched their breasts and buttocks over their clothing at work during hugs that he insisted upon engaging in with them, as well as when walking up to them from behind. Montgomery is not accused of doing anything further than touching the women over their clothing. The alleged victims reportedly told investigators that they had not reported the abuse before because Montgomery was their boss at work and they were afraid that telling others about the alleged touching would negatively impact their jobs.

One of the workers reportedly told investigators that she spoke to Montgomery about the inappropriate contact on Monday, sources indicate. It is not clear whether the woman spoke to Montgomery in cooperation with the investigation against him, nor is it clear whether she was wired at the time of the conversation.

The alleged victim told investigators that Montgomery acknowledged his actions. He allegedly told the worker that she was his only victim, and that “if there are no witnesses there’s nothing they can prove.” Montgomery also allegedly asked the woman to deny the alleged offenses if asked about them and told her that he had done it because “I liked you, and I was attracted to you. I think the world of you and I wish I could take it all back. I swear to you I would never do that again.”

Since Montgomery supposedly groped the women while on duty at the detention center, it is possible that surveillance cameras at the institution may have captured evidence. Any such footage has yet to be revealed. Sources indicate that during questioning on Wednesday, Montgomery told investigators that some of the allegations were true, admitting to having touched one of the alleged victim’s breasts over her clothes. However, he told investigators that he had not touched any of the alleged victims’ buttocks. “He told detectives he hugged all three of the victims but said if he ‘accidentally touched them on the buttocks during the hugs he would not remember it,'” the arrest report was quoted as saying.

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