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Gamalier Lopez Vargas Arrested in Boynton Beach, Florida for Sexual Assault

Gamalier Lopez Vargas was arrested in Boynton Beach, Florida on Sunday a year after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman inside of his tow truck, sources indicate. Vargas, 34, has been charged with false imprisonment, battery and exposure of sexual organs. He was denied bail bond and remain incarcerated at Palm Beach County Jail. It is unclear whether Vargas has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

The police report indicates that the alleged incident occurred alongside Interstate 95 near Woolbright on June 27, 2011. The woman in question told authorities that she ran out of gas as she was traveling along the highway and had been trying to contact help for about 10 minutes when Vargas, 34, pulled over and offered to help her. He was driving a tow truck and offered to drive her to a Delray Beach Chevron station nearby, she said.

The woman, whose name and age have not been released, told authorities that during the ride to the gas station, Vargas started flirting with her and telling her that her eyes were pretty. He also told her that he was driving from West Palm Beach to Miami Gardens. When she and Vargas got to the station, the woman said that Vargas paid for a gas container and some gas for her.

The woman told authorities that on the drive back, Vargas asked her about one of her piercings. He then allegedly began to touch her inappropriately. The woman said that she pushed Vargas’ hand away and told him to stop, but that he refused and began touching himself as well. He then allegedly exposed himself to her.

The woman reportedly told investigators that after Vargas reached the area where her car was, she tried to leave the vehicle. Vargas, she said, stopped her, grabbing her left arm and pulling her back into the truck. He then allegedly put her hand on his bare genitals and held it there as she tried to remove it, telling her “you should like it” and “it’s no big deal.”

The woman told officials that Vargas finally let her go and drove off, at which point she went to the Delray Beach Police Department. There, police took swabs samples of her hand. Police brought Vargas in for questioning after viewing surveillance footage from the Chevron gas station where Vargas took the woman and interviewing Vargas’ supervisor at #1 A1A Express Towing in Miami Gardens.

Vargas, upon being questioned by officials, denied having sexually assaulted the woman, saying ” I would never do such a thing or disrespect a woman in that way” and agreeing to give cheek swabs to authorities for testing. He did, however, admit to asking the woman about her piercing and assisting her in getting gas for her car.

The samples were being processed by labs for the past year, and investigators have determined that the DNA on the woman’s hand did, indeed, belong to Vargas. The DNA evidence played a large part in the arrest.

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