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Fort Lauderdale Crime Update: June 21, 2010

Today was a very busy day for law enforcement in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Around 3:00 pm this afternoon a 21 year old inmate committed suicide in the Broward County Jail. It is not yet known what crimes he was charged with or how long he had been in custody. While the details of the suicide still remain unknown at this time, it is believed that the victim, 21 years old, hung himself using bedsheets. Jail nurses and fire rescue attempted CPR and transported the victim to Broward General Medical Center where he later died.

Just before the suicide, at around 2:00 pm, two armed robbers wearing masks robbed the El Rancho Motel at gun point. During the course of the robbery, two employees were pistol whipped and a car was stolen. If caught, these robbers will be facing some mega charges. First of all, they would both be charged with armed robbery, wearing a mask while committing a felony, and possibly armed car jacking. Given the fact that crimes of this sort are not what we refer to as “gateway crimes,” it is entirely likely that these offenders have serious criminal histories. If caught, prosecutors will undoubtedly ask for major prison time. However, no arrests have been made as of tonight.

On the lighter side of crime, eight men were arrested Friday night after trying to score hookers on Federal Highway. Here’s a tip fellas… if they got teethe, they’re cops!

The men vary in age from 28 to 53 and are presently facing misdemeanor charges for solicitation of prostitution. In all likelihood prosecutors will agree to short terms of probation with confidential HIV testing as a special condition. The test results are only given to the men and are never published.

Moving right along…

Two more cops were cleared today of police brutality. Of course they were. I don’t know the facts of that case, so I won’t comment in detail. All I will say is that it seems as though bad cops routinely get a free pass in Broward County.

Well thats all for now… more to follow.

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