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Former Police Chief-Turned-Model Charged with Workers’ Compensation Fraud in Olympia, WA

alexander-schimmeck-j5NU6WZN1nA-unsplash-300x200Authorities in Olympia, WA, have charged a former small-town police chief with fraud because she allegedly collected workers’ compensation benefits for several years while working full time as a pinup model.

Brenda Lynn Cavoretto, 47, of Gold Bar, faces two charges of making false or misleading statements to collect workers’ compensation benefits from the state.

According to the Department of Labor and Industries, the accused was illegally claiming workers’ comp benefits for about four years while moonlighting as a pinup model. She qualified for the benefits after she was reportedly injured in 2012 when she was the police chief of Coulee City, WA. In February of that year, she was tasked with removing a 285-pound corpse of a domestic violence suspect who had hanged himself. The body ended up falling and crushing her, causing injuries to her back, shoulder, and abdomen, as well as severe psychological trauma.

The former police chief was transferred to work as a police officer in Soap Lake until May 2013, when she started receiving wage-replacement payments from the state for lingering physical and mental damages from the previous incident, sources indicate. Charging papers claim she started receiving therapy in 2015 and told her therapist she was having nightmares and had been unable to leave the house. The therapist diagnosed her with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The defendant’s case manager called for an investigation in the spring of 2019 after he noticed she had been receiving treatment for four years and was showing no signs of improvement. Investigators reportedly discovered that the defendant ran a modeling business called Annabella Derringer from 2015 through early 2020. She was allegedly photographing pinup models, organizing pinup fundraisers and pageants, and was often photographed herself as a pinup model using aliases like The Black Widow Bettie and Tuff As Nailz. She posted on her social media that she appeared as a model and photographer in 52 publications, including three magazine covers and three calendars, charging documents claim.

The defendant also reportedly worked with her husband’s magazine, Electric Pinup Magazine, and ran a nonprofit group, Electric Pinup Dolls, which raised money for veterans and first responders. Investigators further allege that she told a crowd at a bar in October 2019 that her work with the nonprofit was a “full-time job.” It is not clear how much income Cavoretto made from her pinup photography work.

In total, investigators found that the defendant received more than $67,000 in workers’ compensation benefits from 2015 to 2019, according to charging documents. The charges against her stem from official declarations she made on government forms from September 2018 to February 2020, claiming that she was unable to seek employment.

The once-pin-up model turned scammer is scheduled to be arraigned on October 19 in the Thurston County District Court in Olympia. Her case is being prosecuted by the WA Attorney General’s Office using the evidence from the investigation by the Department of Labor and Industries.

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Source: 10.15.20 Former police chief charged with workers comp fraud.pdf

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