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Five-Year-Old Coral Springs, Florida Girl Run Over By Mother, Injured

A five-year-old Coral Springs, Florida girl was injured Friday when her mother accidently backed over her outside of their home, news source indicate. Nether the girl or her mother was identified in reports. The child was taken to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood following the accident for treatment for non-life threatening injuries. The mother has not been charged with a crime, but an investigation into the incident is ongoing. So far, police say it appears to have been an accidental crash.

Reports say the accident occurred around 7:45 Friday morning on the 6200 block of Southwest 19th Street. The mother of the child reportedly thought the girl was in her Chevy Malibu sedan when she began to back out of her driveway; however, the child was actually behind the vehicle. When the woman reversed, she ran the child over, trapping her beneath the car.

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene and attempted to free the child from beneath the more than one-ton vehicle. A witness described the scene, saying, “I see the [mother] screaming and the little girl under the car. The mother tried to move the car. Police said to not move the girl.” Another witness rushed to the scene with a jack and began to hoist the car up off the child. The jack worked and paramedics were able to free the trapped girl with the heroic witnesses’ help. They took the child to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood for treatment for non-life threatening injuries. The exact nature of those injuries were not specified.

A spokesperson told reporters that for safety reasons, it is important to check behind them “three times” before reversing from a parking space. “This poor lady assumed the child was in the car,” he said. “Before moving, make sure children are not near vehicles.”

Not all such accidents stem from such innocent assumptions, according to the news. James Darren Morris of Kissimmee, Florida was arrested Friday after he crashed his vehicle on Interstate 4 during a police chase, press sources indicate. Morris was booked into police custody on charges of aggravated assault on an officer and fleeing and eluding law enforcement. It is not yet known whether he was injured in the crash. It is also not yet known whether he has hired an attorney.

Reports say that the incident kicked off at a local Wal-Mart on Tuesday, when Morris and an unidentified female were seen fleeing the scene of a robbery. The car they were in turned out to be stolen, sources say. It is not clear whether the woman, who was not identified in news reports, was also arrested and charged.

The car was reported stolen, and officers saw it on Friday and attempted to pull it over. However, the driver, Morris, fled the officers. At some point he began driving the wrong direction along Interstate 4, which is when his vehicle collided with two police squad cars. It is unclear whether Morris or any other drivers were injured in the crash.

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