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Enrique Tomas Rodriguez of Cooper City, Florida Arrested for Sexual Assault

Enrique Tomas Rodriguez of Cooper City, Florida was arrested after one of the patients of his chiropractor clinic accused him of sexually assaulting her, according to news reports. Rodriguez, 45, was booked into Broward County Jail on a charge of sexual battery on Tuesday. It is not clear whether he has qualified for bail bond.

News sources indicate that the alleged victim of the sex offense is a 22-year-old woman whose name has not been released to the public. The woman purportedly told investigators that she had been one of Rodriguez’ patients at Quantum Chiropractic in Cooper City before the alleged attack occurred. She reportedly said that she had been receiving services from the clinic for approximately two months prior to the assault without incident.

The woman reportedly alleged that she had gone to the clinic, located at 2565 North Hiatus Road, for a June 6th appointment. During her scheduled adjustment session, Rodriguez allegedly licked the woman’s breast and put his finger in her vagina. The victim says the acts were against her will and not consensual. Shortly after the alleged incident, she was reportedly taken to the Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center, though it is not clear whether they were able to acquire any evidence.

Press sources indicate that Rodriguez is cooperating with authorities, who went to Quantum Chiropractic to collect him on June 12. However, he evidently denies the charges. There is no indication that he has ever been accused of committing similar offenses in the past.

Arrests for sex offenses are fairly common in Broward County, with defendants being accused of crimes ranging from sexual assault to lewd and lascivious behavior to prostitution. In fact, an undercover sting by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office led to 15 arrests of suspected prostitutes and their alleged clients last Friday, sources indicate. It is not clear whether any of the defendants, who were booked at Broward County Jail on various charges, have qualified to receive bail bond or have retained a private criminal defense lawyer. None of their names have been released in press reports.

According to the press, the sting took place on Thursday and Friday on Northwest Sixth Street, in the 1200 to 2300 blocks on Thursday and the 2100 block on Friday. The area is apparently known for illegal prostitution. During the sting, plainclothes officers were reportedly offered sex acts by prostitutes for prices ranging from $5 to $100. Seven prostitutes ranging from 32-52 years of age were reportedly arrested, though no names or genders were released to the public.

The operation also apprehended eight alleged would-be clients of prostitutes, who were presumably caught offering money for sex acts. The identities of the johns were not released, although reports indicate that they ranged from 23-54 years of age.

“This is a quality-of-life issue that the people in the community won’t stand for. That’s our job, to address these types of issues,” one detective reportedly commented to the press after the police department announced the arrests. The operation was one of several similar stings that took place in Broward County over recent months.

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