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Elizabeth De Leon of Hollywood, Florida Injured in Hit-and-Run Collision

Elizabeth De Leon of Hollywood, Florida was injured in a hit-and-run collision on Tuesday, news sources report. A driver whom police have yet to identify is alleged to have intentionally rammed into Leon in a Publix parking lot. Leon, 25, sustained minor injuries in the crash and was treated at the scene. Police are currently conducting an investigation and are searching for the hit-and-run driver. Charges are pending. It remains to be seen whether Leon will file for damages.

According to reports, Leon works at the pharmacy inside the Sheridan Street Publix in Hollywood. At around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon, Leon was on her way to work when she noticed a blue Mitsubishi Lancer tailgating her vehicle. Leon pulled into the Publix parking lot and the Lancer allegedly followed.

Leon exited her vehicle; the suspect purportedly used his vehicle to block her, accusing Leon of cutting him off on the road. “What happened back there?” he asked Leon. Leon told the man she did not recall cutting him off and asked if he way OK. Reports say the suspect did not respond, simply staring at her. Leon told the man she had to get to work and attempted to walk past his car.

“All I heard was him slam on his gas, and before I could turn, the car plowed into my right side and I was on top of the hood,” Leon said. After the vehicle struck her, the suspect slammed the brakes and she flew to the ground. The suspect allegedly shouted profanities and fled the scene as Leon lay on the ground. “It was pretty terrifying,” Leon recalled. “Obviously, he lost his mind for a second. To follow somebody and intentionally wait for them to walk in front of your car so you can hit them seems insane.”

Respondents treated Leon at the scene for scrapes, bruising and swelling; sources say her injuries did not require hospitalization. Leon commented on her condition the day after the crash, saying, “Yesterday, because of the adrenaline I was more scared than hurt. Today, I literally feel like I got hit by a car.”

Detectives were able to locate security footage of the incident, but were unable to make out the suspect’s license plate number. Reports say the suspect is in his early to mid-50’s, has blonde hair, and was last seen wearing large sunglasses. Police are asking anyone with additional information to call the police hotline.

In other news, Amalia Ramirez-Marquez was Barbara Ramirez of Miami were involved in a Miami accident on Saturday, reports say. Marquez, 46, died at the scene; Ramirez, 13, sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Police say Marquez’s vehicle struck debris in the road right before the fatal accident.

Sources say the accident occurred around 8:15 Saturday morning on the Florida Turnpike north of State Road 90. Marquez was southbound on the turnpike when her 2001 Mazda struck some kind of debris in the road; it is not clear what exactly she struck. As a result, Marquez lost control of her vehicle and crashed, sources say. Paramedics pronounced Marquez dead at the scene. Ramirez was taken to the Miami Children’s Hospital for treatment; her current condition is not publicly known.

Sources: 4.20.13 Hollywood Hit and Run.pdf, 4.20.13 Miami Accident.pdf.

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