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Edward Joseph and David Da Silva Killed in Coconut Creek, Florida Car Crash

Edward Joseph, 27, and David Da Silva, 18, were killed in Coconut Creek, Florida in a car accident that occurred at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Police are still investigating the car accident and it has yet to be determined who was responsible.

According to news reports, Edward Joseph was driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck and David Da Silva was driving a Honda motorcycle. Da Silva was travelling north on Lyons Road and Edward Joseph was travelling west on Hillsboro Boulevard when the two vehicles collided.
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Edward Joseph was remembered as a very well loved bartender from Muddy Waters in Deerfield Beach where he was known for filling the bar with positive energy and jokes. Da Silva was a recent high school graduate who died riding the motorcycle he had dreamed of owning for a long time.

According to Da Silva’s friend David Rouche, 17, “[Da Silva] was a great rider, but he also did not have too much fear… That’s probably a bad mix, but he was good at what he did.”

Before I delve further into this case, I must clarify that police are still trying to determine who is responsible for causing the accident that led to both men’s deaths. At this point, no final conclusions can be drawn as to what happened or who might be responsible.

As an injury lawyer, my instinct tells me the motorcyclist, David Da Silva, was likely responsible for the case. Again, this is nothing more than a mere suspicion based on past experience in other cases.

As we have all seen on Florida’s roadways, motorcyclists, especially young male motorcyclists, have a tendency to drive in an extremely reckless manner. Speeding, weaving between lanes, and ignoring others’ right of way are more than common.

Knowing nothing more about this case, other than the fact than one party is an 18 year old male, known for being fearless on his motorcycle tells me that he was likely the responsible party.

At the same time, this may also be a case of joint negligence. While Da Silva may have been one of those reckless motorcycle riders we all encounter, Edward Joseph may have done something to contribute to the accident as well. This contribution could have been nothing more than an innocent traffic infraction or as bad as being a little tipsy after working all night at Muddy Waters.

My point in mentioning all this is not to place blame, just yet. Rather, I am highlighting the extreme necessity of collecting all available information at this point.

The families of these men need to hire injury lawyers immediately so that their interests are properly represented.

Once all the available information has been a gathered, injury lawyers will be able to check the work performed by police to make sure that their conclusions are accurate and based on the evidence. Just because the police are investigating does not mean the results are necessarily always reliable.

Any and all conclusions must be supported by evidence. Plain and simple.

Ultimately, this case is very sad for all involved because two men are dead. Whether one party is responsible for the accident or both are responsible, I am sure that neither one intended to lose their life that morning or cause the loss of life by another person.

Despite their intentions, this is still the real world where adults need to deal with the practical problems that result when a serious car accident takes place. This means the responsible parties must be held accountable to the family members of the deceased victim.

These family members may be entitled to very substantial compensation. Fighting with insurance companies and seeking such compensation is exactly what an injury lawyer is trained to do.

These cases are typically handled on a contingency bases, which means the client pays the attorney from a percentage of any monies won in the case. If there is no recovery, a client in a contingency fee case would not owe the lawyers anything for his/her service. Normally any costs/expenses would also be deducted from any amounts won, unless nothing was won. In the event that no recovery is made, a client would typically not be responsible for paying costs/expenses of litigation.

In other words, a person with a serious injury case or the surviving family of someone who was killed in a car accident, such as Edward Joseph’s family or David Da Silva’s family, has nothing to lose from hiring an injury lawyer.

These cases can become extremely complicated and it is not unusual for matters like these to end up in litigation.

Most importantly, my sympathies go out to all those who have been affected by this case. It is no doubt a terrible tragedy not only for both Edward Joseph and David Da Silva, but for their respective families and loved ones as well.

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