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Dolly De Jesus Cifuentes-Villa of Colombia Extradited to South Florida for Drug Smuggling

Dolly De Jesus Cifuentes-Villa of Colombia was extradited to the Southern District of New York and then transported to Southern Florida yesterday, according to a press report by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida. The extradition reportedly occurred following accusations that she and her brother had conspired to import multi-ton quantities of cocaine into the United States. Cifuentes-Villa, 54, is facing charges in both Florida and New York. In Florida she is being charged with one count of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute narcotics and four counts of manufacturing and distributing narcotics. All charges are federal. It is not clear where Cifuentes-Villa is being held while she awaits trial. It is also not yet known whether Cifuentes-Villa has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

A multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional investigation involving the DEA, FBI, and U.S. Attorney Offices led to the eventual arrest of Cifuentes-Villa. The investigation reportedly began back in 2006. Reports state that Cifuentes-Villa, along with her brother, was operating a drug trafficking organization that distributed loads of cocaine. The operation reportedly distributed the drugs in multi-ton quantities throughout Mexico and the United States. Authorities say that Cifuentes-Villa’s organization took advantage of complicated drug trafficking routes that ran from Colombia, through Central America, and into Mexico and the U.S. in order to avoid detection.

Sources say that Cifuentes-Villa and her brother were charged in the Southern District of Florida in November of 2010, then hit with additional charges in March of 2011. The report did not indicate whether either party was arrested, but it did specify that Cifuentes-Villa’s brother, who remains at large, was listed as a Consolidated Priority Organization Target (CPOT) by the Department of Justice. This designation is reportedly reserved for only the most dangerous and active drug traffickers. In February of 2011, sources say, Cifuentes-Villa herself, as well as her brother, earned the designation of Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).

In the state of Florida, Cifuentes-Villa is being charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute narcotics ranging from a time period between 2003 and early 2009, with knowledge that the substances would be distributed illegally throughout the United States. She will also face four counts of manufacturing and distributing narcotics that would be intended for illegal importation into the United States. In New York, Cifuentes-Villa is facing a charge of one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States.

“This extradition was a standard global task force effort, using every tool in the law enforcement tool box. Cops worked together from Colombia to Ecuador and across the United States with one laser-focused goal: bringing justice to the front doorstep of international traffickers dead-set on poisoning people in communities they never intend to set foot upon. These organizations expect their drugs and money to travel internationally, and we make sure handcuffs will travel that way as well,” a DEA Specialist Agent-in-Charge told new reporters.

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