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Denise Loveada Spear, Port Charlotte, Florida Mom, Arrested for Drug Possession after Traffic Stop

Denise Loveada Spear, a Port Charlotte, Florida mom, was arrested for drug possession after an officer reportedly spotted a syringe in her purse during a traffic stop. Spear, 33, was booked at Charlotte County Jail on charges of possession of crack cocaine, possession of cocaine, possession of oxycodone, possession of morphine, possession of narcotics paraphernalia, driving as a habitual traffic offender, and introduction of contraband into a correctional facility. It is not clear whether Spear is eligible to receive bail bond, nor is it clear whether she has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

According to the arrest report, the arrest occurred at approximately 8:36 a.m. last Monday. A Port Charlotte police officer was traveling near East Elementary School of Punta Gourda, Florida when he spotted Spear driving 32 miles per hour in a 15 miles per hour school zone, complete with a flashing ’15 miles per hour’ sign. The officer reported that when he pulled Spear over, she told him that she was in the process of dropping her child off at East Elementary. The officer reported that the child, who was in the back seat, got out of the car and walked over to the school, which was very close to the location where Spear was pulled over.

The officer reported that upon reviewing Spear’s drivers history, he discovered that her driver’s license had been suspended for over a year due to multiple felony convictions. It is not clear what those felony convictions were for or when they occurred.

The arrest report further indicates that when the officer glanced into the car while talking to Spear, he noticed the end of a syringe sticking out of Spear’s purse and asked her if he could search the bag. Spear reportedly agreed to let the officer search the purse, which allegedly contained two empty syringes, cocaine, crack cocaine, morphine and oxycodone.

Spear was arrested on the spot and taken to jail. It is not clear who is currently caring for Spear’s child or who picked the child up from school later that day. Sources indicate that Spear may still be in custody at Charlotte County Jail, and it is not known whether she is married or has any relatives in Florida (Spear is originally from Ohio).

The last charge, introduction of contraband into a correctional facility, came after Spear had already been taken to Charlotte County Jail. Reports indicate that authorities found a dollar bill containing a white powdery substance in Spear’s possession within the jail intake area. The white powdery substance is suspected to be powder cocaine; lab tests are currently being conducted.

Unfortunately, Spear is not the only Florida parent who has been hit with drug allegations while transporting a child to or from school. In February, Heather Brodeur of Melbourne, Florida was arrested after she allegedly drove to Suntree Elementary School drunk to pick up her child. Brodeur, 33, allegedly drove into a bus-only lane, hit a gate, ran over a curb, and left the school parking lot through an entrance-only area. She was ticketed for reckless driving and arrested on charges of DUI with property damage.

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