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Deerfield Beach Burn Victim Returns to School

After four skin grafts and over six months of intensive physical therapy, Michael Brewer, 15, is finally returning to school. However, it will not be to the same school he used to attend in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

As you may recall, Michael sustained severe burns to over two thirds of his body after a group of teenagers chased him down, doused him with alcohol, and lit him on fire. Those boys are now facing criminal charges for Attempted Murder in adult court.

In all candor, burn cases are always the worst. The duration and degree of suffering sustained by the victim can never be truly compensated for in a court of law. Aside from the obvious injuries and extended recovery, the emotional pain suffered by the victim and his family is immeasurable.

Jesus Mendez, 16, Denver Jarvis, 15, and Matthew Bent, 15, are accused of attacking Brewer over an alleged $40.00 debt owed to Bent for a video game.

According to CBS News, court documents state that Brewer and Bent shook hands after Brewer agreed to pay back the money. As Brewer began to walk away, Bent allegedly called Brewer back and ordered Jarvis to “pour it on him,” referring to the alcohol. It is believed that Mendez then lit Brewer on fire.

Based on the extreme severity of Brewer’s injuries, it is doubtful that these teenagers will escape severe sentences if found guilty at trial. Regardless of what happens to his attackers, we wish Michael and his family a very speedy recovery and a future filled with only good things and happiness.

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