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DeeAnn Hale, Rondal Hale, and Clinton Michael Carr Arrested in Pensacola, Florida

DeeAnn Hale, Rondal Hale, and Clinton Michael Carr were arrested in Pensacola, Florida on Saturday after the Hale’s mentally disabled daughter was found handcuffed in the Hale’s back yard. DeeAnn and Rondal Hale, aged 58 and 59 respectively, and Carr, 53, were arrested and booked in Escambia County Jail on felony charges of aggravated abuse of a disabled adult. Police indicate that other charges may follow. It is not clear whether any of the three defendants has qualified for bail bond or retained a private criminal defense attorney.

According to the arrest report, police found the 21-year-old mentally disabled woman in the back yard of the home where the Hales live, located in the 2800 block of Christine Street in Escambia County. The disabled woman is reportedly DeeAnn Hale’s adoptive daughter (Rondal Hale’s stepdaughter), and she lives at the residence with the couple, a neighbor told the press. Clinton Michael Carr is a friend of the couple and was visiting from Lilian, Alabama, reports indicate.

The affidavit indicates that an Escambia Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to complaints from neighbors, who reported hearing a child calling for help on Saturday. The responding deputy said in the report that he heard the calls upon arriving at the scene and followed them to the back yard. There, he said, he found the victim handcuffed in the back yard with a sandwich-style sign made of two wet plywood boards hanging from her body. The boards allegedly totaled 40 pounds in weight.

The officer said that the front board had the words “I am a liar and a thief” painted on it, while the back board read “I well not.” The boards were strung together with chains that were cutting into the victim’s neck, according to the affidavit. The officer also reported seeing marks around the victim’s neck and a four-inch cut with super glue and thread in it on the back of her head. The affidavit also states that the victim was bleeding, though it does not specify from where.

The victim told the officer that the cut on the back of her head was from when one of the defendants hit her in the head with a bucket, and that the defendants had then attempted to super glue it shut before sewing it together with a needle and thread. She also allegedly told the officer that the marks on her neck were from a rope that the suspects had tied around it, and that the suspects had forced her to walk around the back yard wearing the signs. The deputy noted that there was evidence that someone had walked around an above ground pool in the back yard enough times to wear a path into the ground.

Rondal Hale and Clinton Michael Carr were at the residence when the deputy found the woman. They were both arrested on the spot, according to the affidavit. The officer said in the arrest report that the defendants informed him that DeeAnn was at church, and the deputy contacted her and told her to come back to the residence, where she was arrested. The victim is reportedly now in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

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