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DEA Cracks Down on Oxycodone Supplier in Sunrise, Florida

In its second move against Florida pain clinics this month, the DEA suspended the license of Sunrise Wholesale Inc., located in Sunrise, Florida. The company is accused of selling excessive amounts of Oxycodone to pain clinics in South Florida. According to a DEA official, Sunrise Wholesale agreed to surrender its license rather than contest the suspension.

As was reported earlier on this blog, the DEA previously suspended the license of Harvard Drug Group, which is a supplier of Oxycodone which is a Michigan company with an offices located in Tamrac, Florida. Just like Sunrise Wholesale, Harvard was accused of distributing excessive amounts of Oxycodone to South Florida pill mills.

To be clear, no arrests have been made and no criminal charges have been filed.

However, if you are a user of oxycodone or other pain pill medications, you should be on alert. The DEA is cracking down and local law enforcement is not far behind. Unfortunately, many pain medication users do not have prescriptions. If you are caught in possession of any pain pills without a prescription, police will definitely arrests you and charge you with a crime.

Even though it is much easier to legally obtain these pills in Florida than in other states, the penalties for illegal possession are extremely stiff.

Florida Minimum Prison Sentence for Possession of Oxycodone

4g – 14g = 3 years

14g – 28g = 15 years

28g – 30kg = 25 years
As you can see, the more Oxycodone one illegally possesses, the more prison time he or she is exposed to. It should be kept in mind that these are minimum mandatory penalties. When an offender faces such a penalty, the judge has no authority to go below these amounts, even if he or she wants to.

Given the magnitude of the pill problem in Florida and the many deaths due to overdoses that are happening every year, cops, prosecutors, and judges are taking these charges VERY seriously and VERY aggressively.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug offense, hiring a criminal defense lawyer may be the best decision you ever made. Lawyers are trained in the law and in legal procedure and are able to identify reasons why your case should be dropped or reduced to a lower charge. Not to mention the fact that police conduct illegal searches and seizures in many cases, resulting in evidence being excluded. Without evidence, prosecutors have no case.

In any event, for a more detailed conversation about how to defend a drug offense, take a look at:

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