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David Paul Lazarus, a Coral Springs, Florida Nurse, Arrested for Sexual Battery

David Paul Lazarus, a Coral Springs, Florida Nurse, was arrested Monday for allegedly giving a patient with drug problems extra painkillers, then forcing her to perform oral sex on him, news sources report. The 26-year-old victim’s name was redacted in public reports. Lazarus, 42, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on two counts of sexual battery. A judge ordered that he be held without bail bond due to a previous misdemeanor. Reports did not specify a defense attorney for Lazarus.

According to reports, Lazarus has worked for the Broward Health Medical Center for five years, during which time he does not appear to have been cited for any past wrongdoing. He is married to Leban David, who is also a nurse. Lazarus has a pending criminal case from December 2011 on charges of battery, reports indicate; the details of that case were not immediately available at press time.

A spokesperson for the Broward Health Medical Center released a statement following Lazarus’s arrest, reportedly saying, “We were informed this morning of a patient allegation against an employee. We have responded by initiating a thorough review of the allegation, and because this is a police investigation, we’re not permitted to provide any details at this time.” It is too early to tell how this arrest will affect Lazarus’s position at the health center.

Reports say the incident occurred on June 12 after the victim had undergone surgery to remove kidney stones at the Broward Health Medical Center. Based on reports, the victim had a past record of drug abuse and had recently gotten out of rehab. She had been prescribed Dilaudid, a painkiller, to held her with her surgery recovery. Lazarus was not assigned to the victim, but he reportedly engaged the victim in conversation and offered to let her smoke a cigarette outside of the building.

On June 14, Lazarus and the victim talked about her struggle with drug addiction. After he learned of the victim’s addiction, Lazarus allegedly provided the victim with a 40-milligram oxycodone pill and two syringes of morphine. Oxycodone and morphine are both classified as opioids, and are in the same drug group as opium and heroin. Each of these drugs is highly addictive and prone to abuse.

When the victim finished taking the drugs Lazarus gave her, Lazarus allegedly shut the hospital room door and closed the curtains. According to report, Lazarus then started to force the victim to perform fellatio on him. The victim allegedly said, “I don’t want to, but Lazarus reportedly kept up the act and told her “It would be quick.”

Two days later, Lazarus returned to the victim’s room and gave her more Dilaudid than she had been prescribed. Lazarus again forced her to perform oral sex, reports say. “The victim stated that she did want the drugs as she was just out of rehab,” a police reports apparently says. “…she did not want to give [Lazarus] oral sex and was under the influence of several drugs when [Lazarus] was forcing her to perform oral sex on him.”

Lazarus kept in contact with the victim over the telephone after she left the hospital, sources say. During a staged call, the victim reportedly asked Lazarus to bring her more drugs. When Lazarus showed up to the meeting location at Southwest Third Street and 27th Avenue on Monday, police arrested him. He allegedly had unspecified narcotics in his car at the time.

Source: 8.24.13 Lazarus Sexual Battery.pdf