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David Di Pietro Resigns After Winning Court Battle

Effective at 9:00 a.m. today, David Di Pietro resigned his position from the Board of Commissioners at the North Broward Hospital District. You may read his resignation letter here: Resignation of David Di Pietro (04-14-2016)

My Thoughts on the Case

When I first heard Gov. Scott suspended David Di Pietro from Broward Health, I knew immediately that stinky politics were at play. Sure enough, a review of the supposed Executive Order issued by Gov. Scott revealed absolutely no legitimate basis to sustain the suspension against David or Lieutenant Colonel Darryl L. Wright.

But I did not need to read some bogus order issued in Tallahassee to know the truth. David has been my friend and colleague for over 12 years, ever since we served as prosecutors at the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

Knowing David well, I knew, without reading a single paper, that he had done nothing wrong. David is an honest man, he is passionate about leadership, and I know he would never do anything unethical or unlawful.

Some people just know you like that.

However, as his political influence seemed to be in jeopardy, those who called themselves friends and colleagues were nowhere to be found – but for Bruce Green, Jay Spechler, myself and some others.

In times of crisis, some people run and some people stay – we stayed.

I commend my co-counsel greatly. On a mission to prove a man’s innocence and restore his reputation, we set out to fight the most powerful office in the land, second to the President of the United States.

We did so without regard for what people would say, without concern for winning or losing, and with the needs of our friend at the core of our every action. This case was about making a statement that not even the Governor of Florida has the power to smite an innocent person – just because he did not like his politics.

Don’t kid yourself – politics is everything in this case. It had nothing to do with actual wrongdoing.

After mounting a comprehensive legal battle, that frankly was one of the most intense, demanding, and complex I have ever participated in, we were glad to see David prevail.

Having defeated the Governor, David has no further use for litigation. He won.

Rick Scott can appeal all he wants, but the bottom line is that he was wrong and he knows it. The law and facts are not on his side. Were David to continue the litigation, he would surely prevail on the appellate level too.

That said, every case has a litigation objective. In this case, the litigation objective was about pushing back and restoring David’s reputation. No innocent person should ever sit idly by while another impugns his character, especially for something as shallow as political gain.

Having challenged the Governor’s false claims and prevailed, David is satisfied with restoring his reputation.

Mark my words – David Di Pietro is a community leader and will be serving this county long after nobody even remembers the name “Rick Scott”. In fact, the greatest blunder of all was Rick Scott’s waste of such a talented, driven, and amazing person – especially in a county where he has little to no support.

I am not the Governor’s advisor, but I fail to see the wisdom in character assassinating his own guy in a place and time where he needs him most. But hey, thats politics!

At the end of the day my message is clear: I am proud to call David Di Pietro my friend and it has been my honor to fight for him along with my very capable co-counsel, Bruce Green (who is a brilliant lawyer) and Jay Spechler (who is a brilliant tactician and strategist).

Special mention also goes to Rudy Mayor, our associate attorney who put countless hours into this case and who has provided insight that most lawyers do not achieve even after decades into practice (he is a first year associate).

Media requests and questions concerning David’s resignation may be directed to my office at: 954-462-3636