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Daniel Joseph, Broward County, Florida College Student, Arrested for Aggravated Battery

Daniel Joseph, a Broward County, Florida college student, was arrested Monday after he was accused of assaulting a student with a pair of scissors, reports say. Joseph, 29, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of evidence tampering and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He was later released after posting a $26,000 bail bond. It is not yet known whether Joseph has hired an attorney.

According to reports, Joseph is a student at Broward College, where he was formerly the vice president of the school’s Gay Student Alliance. Joseph’s class standing and major were not released. It is not clear whether Joseph’s arrest will affect his ability to continue his education at the college. So far, it does not appear as though Broward College has commented on the alleged attack.

Reports say the incident occurred on Monday. Joseph reportedly noticed Natalie Saint-Hubert, a student he did not know, laughing. Joseph approached Saint-Hubert and reportedly said, “Why are you looking at me? Do you want to start something?” Joseph then left.

Several minutes later, Joseph returned wielding a pair of scissors, reports say. Saint-Hubert ran away, but Joseph allegedly caught up with her and tried to stab her in the stomach numerous times. Saint-Hubert resisted, broke free, and fled, according to reports. She sustained only a minor cut in the alleged altercations. Joseph reportedly dumped the scissors in a storm drain and fled the scene. One witness, a student named Jude Jean, saw the incident occur, according to reports.

A Broward County Sheriff’s officer later found Joseph in the 7500 block of Polk Street in Pembroke Pines, only a few blocks away from the campus. The officer placed Joseph under arrest; while en route to the police station, Joseph allegedly said, “they were laughing” at him prior to the incident.

Although in this case the defendant did not know the victim, crimes are often directed at loved ones. Mathew Corp of Tavernier was arrested Saturday after he allegedly told police his girlfriend had been kidnapped in order to try to stop her from breaking up with him and moving out, reports say. Corp, 35, was booked into Monroe County Jail on charges of resisting arrest and misuse of 911. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail or hired legal representation.

According to reports, the incident occurred at around 2:00 Saturday afternoon. Corp’s ex-girlfriend, whose name was withheld in public reports, was moving out of his home following a purported breakup. Corp allegedly called 911 and said that two suspects had kidnapped his wife and were last seen driving a U-Haul.

An officer was dispatched to Corp’s address. Upon arriving at Corp’s home, the officer reportedly found the woman, who said she was Corp’s “now ex-girlfriend,” in the process of moving out. Corp came outside and admitted to filing the false report, sources say. Corp allegedly exhibited signs of being drunk and fought with the officer as he was being placed under arrest. It does not appear as though anyone was injured in the scuffle.

Sources: 8.6.13 Joseph Aggravated Assault.pdf, 8.6.13 Corp Misuse of 911.pdf.

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