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Curtis Cuddeback, Coconut Creek, Florida Police Sergeant, Arrested for Second DUI Charge

Curtis Cuddeback, a Coconut Creek, Florida police sergeant, was arrested Saturday after he was found driving under the influence, news sources report. The police sergeant also reportedly fell asleep in his car, which was idling on the side of a street. Cuddeback, 53, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of making an improper stop, driving under the influence, and failure to obey police. He has since been placed on administrative leave. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail bond. It is also not yet known whether he has hired a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.

Reports say Cuddeback has worked as a night-shift patrol sergeant for the Coconut Creek Police Department for 24 years. This is Cuddeback’s second DUI arrest during his time as a police officer, sources say. Cuddeback was vacationing in Richfield Township, Michigan when he was first arrested for DUI. The incident occurred on November 18, 2009. Cuddeback’s Ford Explorer rolled over in the road, and Michigan police arrived at the accident site to find Cuddeback attempting to crawl out of the vehicle’s window. The officers later learned that Cuddeback was intoxicated, sources say. Following the incident, the Coconut Creek Police department placed Cuddeback on suspension for six days.

The department also temporarily terminated Cuddeback’s from his position after his superiors accused him of leaving his post, falsifying records, and neglect of duty, reports say. The details of that case are unclear at this time. However, reports say the department reinstated Cuddeback after a judge declared that the termination was overly harsh. Instead, Cuddeback served a 16-week suspension for the offenses instead, sources indicate.

This latest incident occurred around 12:00 Saturday morning on Hillsboro Boulevard near the 7200 block of North State Road 7. An on-duty officer found Cuddeback sleeping in the driver’s seat of his personal vehicle, which was idling on the side of Hillsboro Boulevard. Cuddeback was not on duty during the incident. According to reports, when the officer attempted to wake the off-duty officer up, Cuddeback put his car into drive and fled the scene. The officer pursued Cuddeback to a nearby shopping plaza, where Cuddeback pulled into the plaza and stopped.

The pursuing officer learned during questioning that Cuddeback was a sergeant for the Coconut Creek Police Department. The officer then called in the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for assistance. “Here we had a supervisor, and we basically wanted to ensure the integrity of the investigation [by bringing in an outside police agency],” a police spokesperson said.

During a DUI investigation on the scene, Cuddeback reportedly failed a slew of roadside sobriety tests. A police report says Cuddeback failed to touch his nose with his index finger six different times. When asked, Cuddeback allegedly declined to take a breathalyzer test and the responding officers placed him under arrest. It is unclear how this arrest, measured with his previous offenses, will affect Cuddeback’s position with the police department. The Coconut Creek department did not issue a statement following Cuddeback’s arrest, though they did place Cuddeback on administrative leave.

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