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Crash Laves Steven T. Mize Seriously Injured in Navarre, Florida

Steven T. Mize, 54, was seriously injured in Navarre, Florida when Penny L. Wilcox crashed into his motorcycle with her Acura. According to news reports, the car accident occurred when Penny Wilcox failed to yield as she turned left into an apartment complex. As a result, Wilcox is clearly responsible for causing this accident.Florida Injury Lawyer.jpg

Unfortunately, Steven Mize was seriously injured and is being treated at Baptist Hospital.

Given my perspective as an injury attorney, I suspect that Steven Mize is entitled to substantial compensation for his injuries.

Whenever a car accident occurs, an accident attorney must be able to establish three fundamental elements in order to build a winning a case for a client injured in a car accident or motorcycle accident.

First, the injury lawyer must be able to prove that the other party did something wrong to cause the accident. In law, this is referred to as proving liability. In other words, the injury lawyer must prove that the other party caused the accident that lead to the injury.

Second, an injury attorney must prove that the accident resulted in injury to his/her client. The fact that injury was caused is not enough. To obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible, a car accident lawyer must dig deep into his/her client’s medical condition to establish the full extent of injury.

For example, does the client require on-going medical treatment or rehabilitation? Will pain and suffering ever cease or will it be chronic for the remainder of the client’s life? Will the client be left with a disability?

These and other questions must be explored and answered using all available evidence.

Third, once an injury attorney has established liability and injury, he/she must then explore collectibility. In other words, does the offending party have the means to compensate the client for his/her injuries?

When it comes to car accidents and motorcycle accidents, auto insurance usually pays for the injuries in exchange for a full case resolution. If the offending party has no other assets, it may make logical sense to resolve the case for policy limits because that is all that can realistically be collected.

At the end of the day, every case is unique unto itself and must be evaluated on its own facts.

Hopefully Steven Mize will recover from this accident and resume a normal life as soon as possible.

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