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Codwell Williams of Hollywood, Florida Arrested for Selling Marijuana

Codwell Williams of Hollywood, Florida was arrested Saturday after he allegedly sold marijuana to an undercover police officer, news sources report. William’s 29-year-old cousin, Evan Williams, was arrested in connection with the sale as well. Evans, 28, and his cousin were booked into the Broward County Main Jail on unspecified drug charges. Williams’s bail was set at $27,000 and Evan was released Sunday on a $3,000 bail bond. It is unclear whether the defendants have hired criminal defense lawyers to assist them with their case.

According to reports, Williams once worked as a door attendant at Club 313, a nightclub located on Clematis Street in Hollywood. It is unclear whether Williams resigned from that job or was dismissed from it. Detectives say they learned that Williams was selling marijuana from an informant. As part of an investigation, an undercover detective met with Williams behind O’Shea’s Irish Pub on Clematis Street on May 16, 2012, reports say. The detective posed as a bartender from the pub and reportedly bought an ounce of weed from Williams for $250.

The undercover agent met with Williams again in the 1700 block of Norman Drive on May 23 and bought another ounce of marijuana for $280, sources say. According to a police report, Williams called the undercover detective on January 26 and asked if he wanted to buy a quarter pound of marijuana for $1,100. The detective reportedly said yes and the two arranged to meet at a local hotel.

Reports say Evan drove Williams to the Rooms-To-Go hotel on Okeechobee Boulevard to meet with the undercover detective. During the meeting, Williams reportedly told the detective to make all his future marijuana purchases through Evans because Williams was going out of town. The detective made the $1,100 exchange and backup arrived to take the two suspects into custody.

The Williams were not the only men booked into the Broward County Main Jail this past week. Gregg William Joerger of Coral Springs was arrested Monday after he was accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl, reports say. It is unclear whether the victim is related to the defendant. Joerger, 34, was booked into jail on charges of lewd and lascivious molestation on a child under 12. It is unclear whether he qualified for bail.

According to reports, detectives learned of the sexual abuse when someone found entries in the victim’s journal detailing instances of Joerger molesting her, including an entry that reads, “Gregg raped me.” The girl also reportedly wrote that she was afraid of Joerger. Detectives asked the victim about the entries and she told them Joerger would touch her private parts both over and under her clothes. The alleged abuse had been going on for four years, beginning in August 2008, before it was discovered.

Detectives questioned Joerger regarding the allegations; however, reports say he refused to comment without his lawyer present. Sources say Joerger’s attorney made arrangements to have Joerger turn himself in to the Coral Springs Police Department. It is not clear how Joerger and his attorney plan on approaching the case.

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