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Clinton Bryan of Alachua County, Florida Arrested for Sexual Assault

Clinton Bryan of Alachua County, Florida was arrested Saturday morning after an elderly woman accused him of breaking into her home and sexually assaulting her. Bryan, 38, was booked into the Alachua County Jail on charges of sexual assault, burglary, resisting arrest, and kidnapping. His bail bond was set at $505,000. It is not yet known whether Bryon has retained a private criminal defense attorney.

Reports say that the incident began around midnight on Saturday when Bryan allegedly knocked on the victim’s door. When the elderly woman answered, she later claimed, Bryan grabbed her forced her back inside. The woman’s name has been withheld due to the nature of the crime, although it was divulged that she is in her 70s.

According to press reports, after Bryan entered the woman’s residence, he proceeded to sexually assault her. Bryan allegedly forced the elderly woman’s clothes off her, undressed himself, and then pushed her onto her bed. Reports then alleges that he sexually assaulted her, stating that Bryan told the woman that she was not allowed to leave. Sources say that the woman told Bryan to leave her home multiple times, but that Bryan would not at first.
Bryan did in fact leave, according to reports, but returned thirty minutes later via a sliding glass door. It is not clear why the victim did not call police after he left. Press reports indicate that Bryan sexually assaulted the victim again before falling asleep in her bed. At that point, the victim was able to contact police.

In response to the woman’s 911 call, police set a perimeter and called in the Gainesvillle Police Department K-9 unit for assistance. The report states that officers called out for Bryan to exit the residents but did not get a response. As a result, sources say, a police dog was sent into the home. The dog apparently located and bit Bryan, who was then arrested. Bryan reportedly admitted to having sexual contact with the woman, though he claimed the sex acts were consensual. News sources say that Bryan was treated for his wounds and then booked into jail.

In other, equally unusual news, thieves in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have reportedly made off with $100,000 worth of televisions. The thieves, who are still at large, purportedly broke into an IAVA warehouse and stole 90 flat screen televisions. Police are currently working to identify the persons responsible for the theft. The company that was robbed has offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who can assist in the arrest of those responsible.

The heist allegedly began around 10:30 P.M. on July 21 at a warehouse located in the 4900 block of Powerline Road. Police say that surveillance cameras captured two men with bandanas over their faces climbing over various objects before forcing their way into an auto repair shop. The repair shop did not have an alarm, sources indicate. Two white vans then allegedly made their way into the shop, which is separated from the IAVA warehouse by two layers of concrete. Reports say that the suspects broke into the warehouse by smashing through layers of concrete with sledgehammers.

When the thieves made it into the warehouse, they triggered a motion alarm, which alerted the owner and local police, sources say. The owner, along with the police, searched the warehouse but reportedly found no signs of a break-in. Assuming it was a false alarm, the police and owner reportedly left the scene and did not realize that there was a robbery until the next morning. Reports say that the owner discovered that a large number of televisions were missing and that there was a large hole, approximately four feet wide and three feet high, in the wall of the warehouse.

Police believe that the suspects carried the stolen televisions through the hole. Reports also state that a van allegedly full of stolen TV’s can be seen leaving the auto shop before a second van arrived to load more. News sources say that a sledgehammer was left at the scene of the crime.