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Christopher Waller of Miami-Dade, Florida Arrested for DUI Manslaughter

Christopher Waller of Miami-Dade, Florida was arrested Tuesday after investigators accused him of drunkenly causing a fatal car accident, press sources indicate. Jose Jaspe was killed at the scene of the crash. His daughter, Monica Jaspe, was also in the truck at the time and was treated for critical injuries at a local hospital. Waller, 20, was booked into jail on multiple charges, including vehicular homicide and DUI with serious bodily injury. He was later released on a $75,000 bail bond.

The accident in question apparently occurred over half a year ago. Reports say the crash occurred on January 8 at the intersection of SW 104th Street and SW 122nd Avenue in Miami-Dade County. Waller was driving down 122nd Avenue when he sped through a flashing red light, authorities say. His car then collided with Jaspe’s pickup truck. When medical responders arrived on the scene, they announced Jaspe dead and rushed his daughter to the hospital with critical injuries. Sources say she remained in intensive care for a week as she recovered from emergency surgery. It is unclear whether Waller was treated for any injuries.

In an eight-month investigation, Florida Highway Patrol claimed that Waller, who was 19 at the time, was driving with a blood alcohol level that measured .213. The national legal limit is .08. The investigators also say that Waller, who later admitted to being the driver, did not attempt to stop at the flashing red light when he collided with Jaspe’s truck. Police arrested him Tuesday after the completion of the investigation.

“Finally, the system came through,” a daughter of Jaspe’s told reporters. “We knew it would eventually, good always prevails, we do feel like finally justice has been served.” Sources say that this coming Thursday would have been Jaspe’s 68th birthday.

The family reportedly expressed sorrow for Waller. “Yeah, we’re angry that he took my dad away, but it’s more sorrow, it’s more pity,” the daughter said. An attorney for the Jaspe family said he plans concentrate on how the teen driver acquired the alcohol and where he consumed it.

A spokesperson from the campaign “Mothers Against Drunk Driving,” told new sources that it is important that people prevent teens from drinking, stating they are statistically more prone to be involved in DUI crashes than adults are. “We see this kind of thing way too often. It’s a tragedy for everyone,” the spokesperson said regarding the accident.

Authorities in Florida and throughout the country have announced that they will be cracking down on drunk driving and other driving violations as part of this year’s “Stay Sober or get Pull Over” campaign. The campaign will last throughout the September Labor Day holiday. Police in some counties are asking drivers to plan accordingly this coming holiday and have a designated driver ready or call a taxi if you plan to drink.

The campaign, which resulted in a number of DUI related arrests last year, seeks to cut down on the number of dangerous drivers on the roadways throughout the holiday weekend. Law enforcement agencies are placing special emphasis on drivers not wearing seatbelts and those driving under the influence.

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