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Charles Penrose Killed in Orlando, Florida Collision

Charles Penrose and one other driver were killed in an Orlando, Florida collision last week, according to press reports. Penrose, 66, and another man, were pronounced dead at the scene. A third driver, Robert Gendron, survived the crash with reported minor injuries. The FHP says they are investigating the accident, and no charges have been filed. It remains to be seen whether any legal action will be taken by the victims’ families.

Reports say the collision occurred around 4:00 last Thursday morning. A driver, who has yet to be publicly identified, was heading the wrong directing down State Road 408 outside of Good Homes Road at the time, sources indicate. A witness and survivor of the wreck told the FHP they Hyundai’s lights were off as it proceeded down the wrong lane. Police have yet to discover why the driver of the vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road or if alcohol could have been a factor.

Two vehicles in the correct lanes, Gendron’s Jeep and Penrose’s Corolla, were traveling side by side on State Road 408 when the paths of the Corolla and Hyundai met. Penrose was forced to swerve to avoid hitting the Toyota and ended up hitting the Jeep instead, sources indicate. All of the vehicles were then involved in a violent, head-on three-way collision in a single lane, with Penrose’s vehicle in the center.

Penrose was pronounced dead at the scene. The Hyundai caught fire during the wreck and its’ was killed at the scene as well. Gendron survived with minor injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol says the body of the driver in the Hyundai was rendered unidentifiable by the flames, forcing them to resort to dental records to discover his identity. Reports also say that the driver of the Hyundai did not match the registration of the vehicle. Once identified, they will conduct tests to see if he was under the influence of alcohol or otherwise mentally impaired at the time of the collision.

Car accidents are all too common in Florida, and the FHP does not always get all of the details right, some claim. Jimmy Milton of St. Augustine, Florida, is contesting reports that his son, Scott Milton, ran a red light in a July accident that took his life, reports say. Earlier reports about the crash say that his son was riding his motorcycle without a helmet when he ran a red light and collided with an SUV. Milton says both allegations are untrue and that his son would not run a red light, nor would he ride without a helmet.

Reports say that the FPH has confirmed Milton’s suspicions. They now claim that Jimmy Milton was wearing a helmet and had the right of way when he collided with an SUV on State Road 16. When investigators first arrived on the scene, Milton’s helmet had apparently been knocked off and sent further up the street. “That’s why everybody thought there was no helmet in use,” a spokesperson from the FHP told press.

The FHP says witnesses who have come forward after the accident claim both drivers had the green light. “We have witnesses saying that they both had the green light, and other witnesses say that [the SUV driver] actually had the green,” the spokesperson reported. However, the SUV reportedly “entered the intersection in an attempt to negotiate a left turn, failing to yield right of way to [the motorcycle] approaching westbound, causing the front of [the motorcycle] to collide with the right front of [the SUV],” a report filed after the crash said.

Milton told press that he wants to vindicate his son on the false allegations. “There’s nothing that we’re going to be able to do to bring him back, but I would like to clear his name,” he told reporters. It is unclear whether legal charges will be brought against the SUV charges as the investigation by the FHP moves forward.

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