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Cedrick Shivers Arrested for Bank Robbery in Wilton Manors, Florida

Cedrick Shivers, 47, wasn arrested in Wilton Manors, Florida for bank robbery, which is a Federal offense. Shivers made his initial appearance in Federal court yesterday. He has a pre-trial detention hearing scheduled with U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin S. Rosenbaum on February 10. If convicted, Shivers faces up to 20 years in Federal prison. It is not currently known whether Shivers has a private criminal defense attorney. Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Brian Y. Silber, Esq.jpg

The allegations stem from an incident earlier on February 3rd where Shivers allegedly robbed the Iberia Bank in Wilton Manors, located at 2465 Wilton Drive. Shivers reportedly entered the bank at approximately 9 a.m., approached a teller, and handed her a note. The note instructed the teller not to activate any silent alarms and to hand over certain denominations of bills. Shivers also allegedly instructed the teller not to include a dye pack in the cash, saying that if she did not comply he may bomb the building.

However, the clever teller managed to include a dye pack in with the stolen bills. A dye pack is a small explosive that can be snuck in with stolen money. The pack explodes after the robbery, marking the cash with permanent red ink. According to media reports, the pack exploded as Shivers ran across the street to his getaway vehicle.

Shivers was then reportedly pulled over by a Wilton Manors police officer for speeding. Upon looking into the vehicle, the officer discovered that there was red dye all over Shiver’s t-shirt, wads of red-dyed cash in the front seat, and red smoke on the passenger side of the vehicle. Shivers was arrested on the spot for the robbery. He reportedly remarked to police that they had “got [him] red-handed.”

Shivers was taken to an undisclosed hospital and treated for burns on his hands sustained from the dye pack explosion before being carted off to prison. Assistant U.S. Attorney Randy Katz is prosecuting the federal case, which was announced by Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent John V. Gillies, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida Wilfredo A. Ferrer, and Wilton Manors Police Department Chief Paul O’Connell.

Interestingly enough, Shivers had been convicted of a staggering 16 bank robberies in 7 months between 2001 and 2002. He reportedly asked a judge to excuse him from paying the remainder of $18,705 in restitution in connection to the robberies less than a year ago.

“I paid for my crime by spending six years in prison, which in turn has caused me to be blackballed from many jobs due to my criminal background… I have no assets to speak of except my 1998 Chevy Cavalier (which I am planning on sleeping in for a while)… I would like to start over with a clean slate, putting this whole dilemma behind me as I continue my quest to become a productive member of society again,” he said in the letter to the judge. It appears that his morose was premature.

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