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Carlos Adams, Tracy Lopez in Palm Coast, Florida Car Accident

Carlos Adams and Tracy Lopez were hurt in a Palm Coast, Florida car accident on Tuesday, according to sources. Adams, 42, and Lopez, 44, are both in critical condition. Charges are pending as authorities investigate the cause of the car accident, which allegedly involved Adams crashing into two trees. It is not clear whether alcohol or drugs were involved.

According to the accident report, the crash occurred at approximately 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday on Palm Coast Parkway, near Canopy Walk gated community in Palm Coast. Adams and Lopez were apparently driving down Palm Coast Parkway in a 2002 Jaguar when Adams suddenly lost control of the vehicle for unknown reasons. The Jaguar ended up crashing into two trees, splitting into pieces and bursting into flames.

Luke Vaughn and Cody Decker, both age 17, were coincidentally locked out of a nearby gated community at the time of the crash and went to the couple’s aid. Vaughn and Decker, who were visiting the area on a spring break trip, had come from Dewitt, Michigan with Decker’s parents to stay in Canopy Walk for a few days. They later told authorities that they had left the residence where they were staying in order to return a rented movie and purchase some snacks, and that they upon their return, the password they had for the gate failed to work. One of the boys had just scaled the fence to activate the motion sensor inside the gate when they heard the crash.

The boys told authorities that they ran over to the car to help Lopez and Adams. Decker apparently got to work freeing Lopez while Vaughn called 911. “Some guy just got in this huge accident. We just heard tires screeching and spun off the road,” Vaughn told the emergency operator, mentioning that there were two survivors trapped inside the burning vehicle. “Dude, this thing is going to blow up. We need to get out of here. Can I put the phone down? I need to help,” he continued before abandoning the phone to assist in extracting Lopez from the car.

“We were able to get Tracy out safely and lay her down,” explained Vaughn later. “The car wrapped around the tree in a way where [Adam’s] legs were pinned. Fire was coming in and his foot was burned. It was all we had just to rip him out and drag his legs out and get him to safety. Then the car burst into flames.”

Apparently, the teenagers broke one of the car’s windows and manage to bend the car door frame with their bare hands in order to get the couple out of the vehicle before it exploded. By the time emergency workers involved, both victims had been safely extracted from the Jaguar. Fire fighters put out the blaze, which had spread to the trees that the car had hit, and Adams and Lopez were transported to Halifax Health Medical Center.

Decker and Vaughn were honored for saving the couple at a special ceremony at the Flagler Country Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. “The actions of these teens may have saved the lives of this couple,” said a sheriff during the ceremony. “They stayed calm, acted quickly, and then removed the victims, and themselves, from danger. These young men deserve our thanks and recognition.”

Tracy Lopez’s 18-year-old daughter seemed to agree with the sentiment. “If it wasn’t for them, we’d be attending two funerals right now instead,” she told the press.

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