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BSO Deputy Attacked With His Own Baton in Fort Lauderdale

A BSO deputy was responding to a domestic disturbance call in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last night when he encountered a belligerent man who began fighting with him as soon as he arrived on scene. The man began to hit the deputy and even grabbed his baton, striking the deputy in the head. A police taser was eventually used to subdue the man and place him under arrest.

The deputy was transported to Broward General Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The man will certainly be facing felony charges for battery on a law enforcement officer. He may also be charged with aggravated battery – deadly weapon. Both charges are serious crimes of violence and each carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Given the seriousness of the attack and the fact that the victim is a police officer, prosecutors are expected to seek prison time.

Defense lawyers
will likely seek a psychological evaluation of the attacker. In all likelihood, substance abuse played a role in this attack as well.

Regardless, the defensibility of this case will rest solely on the actions taken by the man in attacking the officer. Frankly, it is never a good idea to grab an officer’s weapon. This guy is lucky he was not shot to death.

Thankfully, the man did not grab the officer’s gun. In all seriousness, what kind of crazy person attacks a cop?

I mean really!

What was this guy thinking? He must have either been high, drunk, or both. While I don’t agree with everything the police do, I don’t blame them for fighting back when under attack.

And neither will a jury.

It is important for a lawyer to approach cases like this with honesty because having the ability to remain objective is essential. Going to trial when there is no defense is nothing but a waste of time that will likely result in worse sanctions for the accused. Trials in loser cases are only had when there is no other choice for the defendant, such as when the charge in question carries a heavy minimum penalty.

In any event, this case will likely call for a mental health evaluation and mitigation based on any findings consistent with a verifiable illness.

Hopefully the deputy in question will experience a speedy recovery and not suffer from any lasting injury.

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