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BSO Deputies Shoot Man to Death in Pompano Beach, Florida

A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy shot an armed man in Pompano Beach, Florida after the man fired a shot and refused to comply with police orders to drop his weapon. No arrests have been made and no one was hurt other than the armed man. It is not known whether the deputy, whose name has not yet been released, has a retained a lawyer.

Neighbors report that the slain man, who remains unnamed, had visited the Southeast 22nd Avenue apartment complex near the 800 block of the street in order to visit an ex-girlfriend. Why he made the visit armed is unclear. In any case, the Broward Sheriff’s office received a call from someone stating that a man was at the complex threatening another person with a gun. It is not clear if the man was threatening his ex-girlfriend in an act of domestic violence, or threatening someone else.

Police arrived at the scene at approximately 6:30 p.m. They reported seeing a man who was holding a handgun standing outside of the second floor of the apartment, accompanied by another person. “The deputies arrived to find the man pointing the gun at someone,” said Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jim Leljedal. The man then fired a shot at no one in particular. “I don’t know if he was firing at someone or if he just fired a round to let people know that the gun was real,” commented Leljedal.

The officers ordered the man to drop his weapon. He did not comply. When he was told to drop the gun a second time, he again refused and started to approach to deputies by walking down the stairs to the first floor of the apartment complex. That’s when the deputy opened fire. “He did not drop the gun and as he came down the stairs, one of our deputies fired and he was shot and killed,” said Leljedal. Only one deputy actually fired shots.

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue paramedics arrived and pronounced the gunman dead at the scene. His name has not yet been released. Authorities say that they are trying to inform relatives of the death before making the information public.

The area around the apartment complex was closed down for over two hours and a large number of emergency vehicles arrived, causing a ruckus among neighbors.

“I heard the gunshot, one, and right after that I heard three more. Then all the cop cars came, one after another,” said one neighbor, Barbara Hoffman, who was about to take her dog out for a walk at the time of the incident.

“I was in my office here in my home and two cop cars showed up and then another two showed up and then 16, maybe 20 cop cars showed up,” said another resident.

Others expressed concern about the fact that the shooting occurred right in front of their homes. “I’m going to make sure the door is locked all the time and I’m going to stay inside,” said Harold Reeves, another apartment resident.

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