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Broward County Schools on Lockdown After Threat Received

All Broward County Public Schools have been placed on lock-down according to news reports. School Board headquarters is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida. James Notter, the Superintendent of Schools, says schools were placed on lock-down after the Pembroke Pines Police Department received a threat to schools in its city. It is also alleged that police received an email that claimed “something was going to happen” around government buildings in Broward County.

Whether or not these threats contained any specific language is presently not known to the public. Police also claim that the threat has not been confirmed.

According to news reports, the lock-downs began around 8:45 this morning and have effected all 230,000 students. While in lock-down, it is impossible for anyone to enter or exit a school.

Superintendent Notter has said that parents should know their children are safe and not go to the school to pick up students.

This case presents a classic example where forensic electronic evidence plays a critical role in identifying a suspect. Clearly the brainiac who sent the threatening email in question, did not realize how easy it is for law enforcement to track the email back to him or her. In situations like these, police are able to get immediate responses from internet service providers and email host companies, such as aol, gmail, and hotmail, especially when the threat is imminent, when it concerns public schools, and when the lives of 230,000 children have been placed in danger.

The person who made these threats is undoubtedly a moron.

I hope the police catch this person as soon as possible and hold him/her accountable for what he/she has done. If this person is lucky, maybe he/she will be able to prove an insanity defense. Clearly, no other excuse would be viable.

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