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Porsha Session, Broward County Public School Teacher, Arrested for Obstructing Drug Investigation

Porsha Session, a Broward County Public Schools elementary teacher, was arrested on February 27 for allegedly obstructing a drug investigation.

She faces one charge of obstructing an official proceeding and was released on Tuesday after posting a $260,000 bond. News sources did not name an attorney for Session.

According to the federal indictment, Session, 31, is a relative of a Lauderhill police detective who was working on a drug investigation along with other Lauderhill police officers, Homeland Security, and DEA agents.

The detective, whose name has not been released, received a trove of information that included vehicle models, phone numbers, and more from a confidential informant involved in the drug operation. The targets of the investigation were two South Florida residents who have only been identified as “D.W.” and “O.T.” D.W. is reportedly no longer living in South Florida.

The indictment states that Session’s relative provided her with details about the investigation. She allegedly borrowed another teacher’s cellphone and using the name “Keesha,” called D.W. to warn him. It is not clear what motivated Session to allegedly do this; neither law enforcement nor the press has released information suggesting that Session was personally involved in the drug trafficking, and it remains unknown whether she personally knows D.W.

Nevertheless, Session reportedly told D.W. that he was being watched as a suspected drug trafficker, but D.W. didn’t listen to her warning. After D.W. rebuffed her first warning, Session allegedly went on to call him several times and provide him with additional details to try and convince him that she was telling the truth. She gave away the identities of other people involved in the drug enterprise, including O.T., and the details of a failed drug shipment. according to the indictment.

She also purportedly told D.W. that there was a source feeding law enforcement information from inside his organization. The additional information changed D.W.’s mind about Session’s credibility, reports suggest. D.W. purportedly relayed all this information to O.T., including Session’s suggestion that they change their cellphone numbers in an attempt to avoid detection by law enforcement.

Investigators were forced to move their confidential informant out of Broward County for safety reasons because of Session’s alleged leak. Lieutenant Gregory Solowsky of Lauderhill plice told news sources that no officers were disciplined in the case. It is not clear whether the investigation into the alleged drug operation is able to proceed, nor is it known whether D.W. and O.T. will be charged.

Session is an elementary teacher who works for Broward County Public Schools. News sources say she has previously worked at Cypress Elementary School and currently works at Deerfield Beach Elementary School. She has reportedly worked at Deerfield Beach since July 2015 and will remain in her position as a fourth-grade teacher until her case works its way through the system.

According to the press, a spokeswoman from Broward County Public School District declined to comment on the case. Corruptly obstructing an official proceeding in connection with a drug trafficking case carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Source: 2.28.17 Session Obstruction of Justice.pdf

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