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Broward County, Florida Stores Hit by Possible Serial Robber

Broward County, Florida, has fallen victim to yet another criminal mastermind. No, I’m not talking about another Ponzi scheme or a guy who was skimming a fraction of a penny from county payroll, as made famous in the movie Office Space and by Richard Pryor’s character in Superman.

No, this robbery genius chooses locations that only have surveillance cameras. Since November 26, 2009, the same person is alleged to have robbed drug stores, video stores, and convenience stores. In one night, he is alleged to have hit multiple places within minutes of each other. No mask, no scarf, no effort to conceal his identity whatsoever.

Either this guy is an all out gutsy, I-don’t-care-about-the-consequences-cuz-I’m-a-straight-up-G type or he has never heard of surveillance cameras.

In fact, detectives from Broward Sheriff’s Office and the Fort Lauderdale Police Department already have a good idea about what he looks like. They know he is about 165 lbs, is in his early 20’s and has tremendous area code pride – in at least one robbery he wore a shirt that said “954” on it.

To make matters worse for himself, this dope has been robbing these stores at gun point. So far cops think he is responsible for at least five armed robberies.

I don’t mean to sound crass, but there is just no excuse for such stupidity. If for no other reason, the risk/reward ratio just isn’t there.

Since he committed his robberies with the use of a gun, that means he is subject to 10-20-LIFE penalties. Multiplying those penalties by five robberies, this guys is looking at major time. Assuming he doesn’t kill or injure anyone in his next robbery, he is presently facing a minimum mandatory sentence of ten years per count.

While his criminal history is unknown, it is doubtful that he lived for 20-something years without ever getting in trouble and then one day decided to start robbing stores at gun point. The leap from law abiding citizen to violent criminal is just too great. Therefore, it is presumed that his criminal history, if any, will serve to aggravate his circumstances and increase any penalties he may be facing.

As with other 10-20-LIFERS mentioned on this blog, this guy’s best defense is probably just to stop and fade away. Having been caught on video, there is likely little room for an effective defense. Even if he can fend off prosecution on one or two cases, it is extremely unlikely that he will be able to win five for five. Keeping in mind that prosecutors only need one conviction to send him away for a very long time, this guy is gambling with his life, and the lives of others, in a way that is just plain stupid.

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