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Broward and Palm Beach, Florida Check Cashing Stores Hit by Stupid Robber

Law enforcement officials from Broward County, Florida, Boynton Beach, Florida, and Margate, Florida held a press conference Tuesday to draw the public’s attention to the serial robber who has been hitting check cashing stores in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

According to police, the bandit has been caught on surveillance cameras numerous times. He has even robbed check cashing stores that posted his photograph outside the store.

Can you believe the brazeness of this guy? What a moron!

I’m no robber, but I would only guess that part of his plan includes staying out of prison. Wouldn’t it make sense then to rob stores where you won’t be recognized?

But hey, what do I know? He has committed almost 20 robberies since December 2007 and is still at large. I can only assume he is a fast runner.

However, there is little doubt that his crime spree will last much longer. Law enforcement has its radar turned on high and is paying attention for once. There is likely a multi-jurisdictional dragnet that is just itching to roll out and make an arrest.

Ultimately, this guy will face a rather lengthy prosecution that ties in all of the alleged robberies. The prosecutor’s job is easy when the whole thing is caught on tape. To make matters worse, he will qualify for enhanced penalties under Florida’s 10-20-LIFE gun laws.

Good defense lawyers can challenge any case. They know how to look for conflicts in the evidence and any lack of evidence. Great defense lawyers can do this when a client is facing one major case, two major cases, maybe even three. However, it is extremely unlikely that this crook’s lawyer will win 20 for 20. To get what they want, prosecutors will only need one win.

At this point in time this guy’s best defense is simply to stop. All he can hope for now is not getting caught. Otherwise, he is going to end up facing a multi-count, mult-jurisidictional prosecution that is going to end up with him serving a rather hefty prison sentence.

Hopefully, the right robber will be caught and nobody will get hurt in the process.

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