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Brian Dale Pratt of Pasco County, Florida Arrested for Voyeurism

Brian Dale Pratt of Pasco County, Florida was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly sent nude photographs of an unconscious woman to the woman’s ex-husband, according to news reports. Pratt, 51, was arrested and charged with of lewd and lascivious video voyeurism, sources indicate. He has since been released on $150 bail bond. It is not clear whether Pratt has retained a private criminal defense lawyer to help him with the impending criminal case.

A sheriff’s spokesperson reportedly told the press that Pratt has no prior disciplinary record at the Pasco sheriff’s office, where he has served since June 2009. Pratt has apparently been placed on administrative leave as the case progresses. It is not known whether he is on paid or unpaid leave. The State Attorney’s Office was reportedly involved in the investigation leading up to Pratt’s arrest. It is not clear whether Pratt will be allowed to return to his job.

According to news reports, Pratt allegedly snapped shots of an unconscious woman lying naked on a bed on an undisclosed date. It is not clear how Pratt and the woman know each other, and her name has not been released due to the nature of the case. Media reports denote that she is in her mid 30s. Because Pratt was not charged with trespassing, it appears as though he had permission to be in the woman’s home at the time of the alleged incident, although it is not known whether he had permission to take pictures.

The photos were apparently taken in her room and depict the woman lying on her bed, naked. She apparently had been out partying and had had too much to drink. Pratt allegedly used his cell phone to capture the images. It is not clear whether Pratt, like the woman, was inebriated at the time.

On February 13, 2012, the woman’s ex-husband allegedly received the nude photos in the mail. The writing on the envelopes, which was likely used to indicate the ex-husband’s address, allegedly matched Pratt’s handwriting. It is not clear whether the envelopes contained notes or other contents other than the photos.

Pratt also allegedly told a fellow deputy, who is not publicly named, that he had taken the photos and that he planned to send them to the woman’s ex-husband, daughter, and current boyfriend as ‘revenge.’ Pratt allegedly showed the deputy the images on his cell phone. It is not immediately known what Pratt was allegedly seeking revenge for.

The deputy that Pratt told about the photos reported the incident, along with the victim. During questioning, Pratt allegedly admitted to having taken photos of the woman naked and vomiting in her bathroom before escorting her to bed, but he told investigators that he did not recall taking the photos of her naked in bed. It does not appear as through Pratt, the victim, or anyone else involved in the case has spoken with the press about the allegations.

This week was marred by several law enforcement officers’ arrests regarding crimes ranging from kidnapping to extortion to battery.

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