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Bret Alexander Couvell of Coral Springs, Florida Arrested for Battery on a Sports Official

Bret Alexander Couvell of Coral Springs, Florida was arrested Sunday after he was accused of hitting a baseball umpire in the back during a game, news sources indicate. Couvell, 21, was booked into the Joseph V. Conte Facility in Broward County on charges of felony battery on a sports official. His bail bond was set at $1,000. It is not yet known whether he has hired a lawyer.

Reports say the alleged incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at Mullins Park in Coral Springs. Two adult teams, the Marlins and the Diamondback, were playing baseball at the time. Couvell was playing catcher for the Marlins, who won the game four to three despite the complications.

At the time, Couvell was anticipating an out when he tagged a player from first base; however, an umpire called the man safe. “[Couvell] didn’t like the call and he protested,” the other player later said. The umpire later told the press, “I let it go the first time, but [Couvell] didn’t stop. He took off his mask, glared at me from a distance and I warned him that he would get ejected.” According to reports, Couvell received another advisory when he began to swear.

At one point, the argument between Couvell and the umpire, identified only as a 39-year-old Broward County man, escalated. Couvell allegedly took off the protective mask he was wearing and hurled it at the umpire’s back, injuring him. Police arrived at the scene and reports say the victim initially denied medical treatment. Later, he went to the Memorial Regional Hospital for back pain. The victim told reporters that he had been treated over a decade ago for a faulty hip and believes that the recent incident may have aggravated his condition.

Reports also say this is not the first time Couvell has been accused of criminal activity. In 2011, he was arrested in Parkland for possession of marijuana and drug-related paraphernalia. Police in Broward County had also charged him with grand theft and two counts of burglary on a previous occasion. It is unclear what the outcome of those cases was.

In other news, police announced the arrests of four individuals in Boca Raton, Florida who allegedly fled police Monday when officers attempted to pull them over, reports indicate. The names of those arrested have not been released; however, at least one of the suspects was a convicted felon who may have been armed with a shotgun during the incident. It is unclear whether the suspects have been granted bail or have hired legal representation.

Reports say the incident occurred around 8:00 Monday morning while detectives were secretly investigating a convicted felon. At some point, reports say the officers spotted the suspect enter a car with what appeared to be a shotgun. The officers tailed the car, which sped off before stopping in Delray Beach. Several people continued the chase on foot and four were arrested. It is unclear whether the felon was among those placed under arrest.

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