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Brandon Guy Poole of Pompano Beach, Florida Arrested for Drug Possession

Brandon Guy Poole of Pompano Beach, Florida was arrested Tuesday after he was accused of storing and selling marijuana at his home, news sources indicate. Poole’s charges were elevated because his home is close to a public school. Poole, 23, was booked into the Broward County Main Jail on charges of possessing and selling marijuana near a school. His bail bond was set at $14,600. It is not yet known whether Poole has retained a private criminal defense lawyer.

Poole first attracted the attention of law enforcement in early September when he allegedly sold a small amount of marijuana to an undercover field officer. The details of the deal, such as how Poole met the officer, are not publicly known. The alleged deal may have occurred at Poole’s home near the 200 block of Northeast 16th Ave, which is located within a 1,000-foot radius of Pompano Beach High School.

On Tuesday, detectives arrived at Poole’s home with a search warrant. Inside of the residence, detectives located over 50 grams of marijuana, three grams of psilocybin mushrooms, and three Ecstasy tablets, reports say. The officers reportedly confiscated several thousand dollars in cash, storage containers, and scales as well.

Following his arrest, Poole reportedly admitted marketing the marijuana. He claimed that the other drugs all belonged to him and were for his personal use. It is not clear whether detectives believe Poole had an accomplice.

In other news, Eric Prokopi of Gainesville, Florida was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of trafficking rare dinosaur fossils into the U.S., reports indicate. Prokopi, 38, is now facing a slew of charges stemming from the alleged trafficking, including the smuggling of illegal goods, possession of stolen property, and interstate sale and receipt of stolen goods. It is unclear whether he has hired legal representation.

According to reports, Prokopi owns an at-home business, Everything Earth, which buys and markets dinosaur remains. Detectives say he used this business as a way to sell the unlawfully imported remains. It is not clear whether detectives believe he had done this in the past as well.

Detectives alleged that Prokopi imported the fossilized remains of a Microraptor from China, as well as the partially complete remains of a Tyrannosaurus Bataar and a Saurolophus Angustirostris from Mongolia. The alleged transport occurred during a period between 2010 and 2012. Reports indicate that Mongolia has special laws that stipulate that ancient fossils are the property of the government. The independent removal of bones from the country is illegal.

Reports say a witness, who spent time with Prokopi in Mongolia during 2009, claims he say Prokopi removing fossils from the ground without authorizations. When Prokopi exported boxes containing the fossils at the airport, detectives allege that he falsified information regarding their contents.

Later, Prokopi sold the allegedly illegally acquired T-Rex fossils to the highest bidder in New York. The fossil sold for a purported excess of $1 million. A studio in California purchased the Saurolophus for an unreported amount, reports say. Since its sale, protestors have opened a lawsuit asking for the return of the T-Rex remains to its homeland of Mongolia.

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