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Bonnie Coleman Arrested in Oldsmar, Florida for Assault

Bonnie N. Coleman was arrested in Oldsmar, Florida on Tuesday after she allegedly attacked a driver in a road rage incident, according to news reports. Coleman, 31, was booked into Pinellas County Jail on charges of simple battery, aggravated battery, and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle. While she was reportedly kept in custody last night, it is not clear whether she has qualified for bail bond or has retained a private criminal defense lawyer since.

Sources indicate that the alleged confrontation occurred on Tuesday morning on Tampa Road in Oldsmar, Florida. The exact time was not specified in reports. Coleman was reportedly headed west in a 2012 Saturn station wagon when another driver, 29-year-old Therese O’Neill, drove her 1992 Dodge station wagon directly in front of Coleman when switching lanes. Coleman allegedly ran into O’Neill’s bumper in response for being cut off. It is not clear why officials have ruled out the possibility that Coleman did not have time to stop once she was cut off. Neither woman appears to have had any passengers at the time of the incident
News sources indicate that Coleman, in a fit of alleged road rage, continued to rear end O’Neill’s vehicle until the pair arrived at a red light at East Lake Road. At this point, Coleman allegedly attempted to ram O’Neill’s vehicle into the intersection. In response, O’Neill allegedly put her car in reverse, hit Coleman’s vehicle, then ran the red light and proceeded onto Mayfair Place. O’Neill, who is not facing charges, reportedly alleged that she did this in order to get away from Coleman.

Coleman allegedly followed O’Neill (it is unclear whether she also ran the red light), and both women stopped their cars on Mayfair Place in Palm Harbor. The pair the allegedly exited their vehicles and engaged in a physical confrontation. Coleman allegedly kicked and punched O’Neill and pulled her hair. When 45-year-od Jill Atwood, who contacted police, approached to try and break up the fight, Coleman allegedly punched her in the face.

It is not clear whether either O’Neill or Atwood actually physically retaliated against Coleman, who, sources indicate, did not require medical treatment following the altercation. O’Neill and Atwood, on the other hand, were treated for non-life threatening injuries at Mease Countryside Hospital in Safety Harbor following the fight. They are both believed to have been released. It does not appear as though either has spoken publicly about the incident.

Coleman was described as uncooperative and agitated as she was arrested, but was not charged with resisting arrest. At this point, no one has suggested that drugs or alcohol may have been factors in the altercation. Meanwhile, police are continuing to investigate the incident. “They didn’t know each other. It just appears the victim had switched lanes and the suspect became very angry,” commented a police spokesperson. It is not clear what the financial damage to the vehicles may have been from the car crashes, nor is it clear whether O’Neill of Atwood are considering filing charges for damages against Coleman.

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