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Boating Accident in Miami, Florida Sends Couple to Hospital

Two people were injured in Miami, Florida Saturday evening in an aquatic hit-and-run accident, according to news reports. No charges have been filed as of yet, but an investigation has been launched into the matter. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is still searching for the boat that allegedly crashed into the couple’s vessel but has been unable to provide a description of the boat or the driver.

Sources say that the woman and her boyfriend were out on the water in a 13-foot Boston Whaler, on their way from Nixon Beach to dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove, when the accident occurred. According to the Miami Fire Rescue, the victims told investigators that a boat seemingly came out of nowhere, struck their vessel, and then left. It is not clear what kind of damages the other boat may have sustained, although the couple’s Whaler apparently sustained so much damage that it was sinking when help arrived.

The Miami Fire Rescue became aware of the situation around 11 P.M. when they received an emergency call from the distressed woman. Without the woman’s phone call, rescuers would not have been able to respond in time to save the couple, sources indicate. The identities of the victims have not yet been released to the public, and it is not clear whether they are still receiving treatment.

The male passenger was reportedly knocked out in the accident and bleeding from a head wound. The woman was able to call for rescue from her cell phone, though she told dispatchers that she was not sure where she was. The boat was increasingly taking on water, and its lights had been knocked out in the accident. The woman told dispatchers that she was not able to locate the GPS or emergency flares in the dark. According to a 911-call transcript, the woman was in a state of terror and had no bearings of where she was located.

Without knowing where the stranded couple was, rescue teams had to begin searching quickly before the man succumbed to his wounds and the boat sank, sources say. A Miami Fire Rescue spokesperson told reporters that, “Fire Rescue lined up from the Rickenbacker Causeway all the way to Peacock Park with emergency lights, trying to provide some kind of marker or a landmark for her to see and give that information to us.”

News sources reported that a helicopter eventually spotted the sinking vessel and a boat rescue crew arrived to retrieve the couple. The man was purportedly unconscious during the rescue; paramedics listed him as in serious condition. The woman, reports say, was also injured and still in a state of shock when help arrived. Her condition was not reported.

According to news reports, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have started an investigation into the boating accident. So far, no reports have indicated whether any leads have been developed as to what type of boat ran into the couple or who may have driven it.

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