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Billie Sue Simpson Killed, Robert Simpson, Waymon Criswell, and Linda Criswell Injured in Lantana, Florida Collision

Billie Sue Simpson was killed and Robert Simpson, Waymon Criswell, and Linda Criswell were injured in a Lantana, Florida collision on Tuesday, news sources report. The accident reportedly occurred when Robert Simpson drove onto the wrong side of the road and struck Criswell’s vehicle. Billie Sue Simpson, 79, was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. Police are currently conducting an investigation and have not said whether they will press charges. It is also unclear whether anyone will file a suit.

According to reports, the accident occurred in the 500 block of South Dixie Highway in Lantana. South Dixie Highway is a four-lane street with no turning lane in its center. Sources say the Billie Simpson was travelling with Robert Simpson in the northbound lanes in a 2012 Suzuki, while Waymon Criswell was driving in a 2006 Toyota RAV4 in the southbound lanes with his passenger, Linda Criswell.

As the two vehicles approached one another, Simpson drove onto the wrong side of the road and struck the side of Criswell’s 2012 Suzuki. Billie Simpson was rushed to Delray Medical Center, where she died shortly after her arrival.

Paramedics took the Criswells and Simpson to the JFK Hospital. The trio was in critical condition, and information regarding the extent of their injuries is not yet known. Police say they are not yet sure what caused Simpson to veer into oncoming traffic; an investigation is ongoing. It is also unclear whether the victims were wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash.

In other news, Mary Kay Stewart of Hollywood narrowly escaped injury when a 30 foot tall palm tree fell onto her house, sources report. A city excavator accidently struck the tree, causing it to fall onto Stewart’s home. Stewart, 90, is now receiving compensation from the city for repairs to her home. So far, it is currently unclear whether the driver who struck the tree will face any repercussions. No charges or citations have been filed thus far.

According to reports, the incident occurred Monday evening on the corner of Harrison Street and 12th Avenue. Hollywood utility workers were outside of Stewart’s brick home repairing a water line at the time. An excavator driver was attempting to dig to the water line when he accidentally struck a palm tree with the excavator.

Stewart was in her kitchen preparing dinner when the tree fell onto her back porch. “All of a sudden, there was a terrible crash. I just thought my house was coming down,” Stewart recalled. “I had no idea – I just knew something had happened.” Thankfully, Stewart was uninjured in the accident. Sources say the excavator’s driver was brought to tears by the unfortunate mistake.

The city of Hollywood has already agreed to compensate Stewart for the damages. “Obviously, it’s a situation that’s very unfortunate and we’re trying to do everything we can to comfort [Stewart] and make sure that this is minimal inconvenience to her as a result of this,” a spokesperson for the city said.

Stewart’s home does not appear to have been structurally jeopardized in the incident. Stewart told reporters the home had been in her family for seven decades. “It’s a strong little house,” she said.

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