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Bicyclist Killed in Sunrise, Florida

A man was killed while riding his bicycle in Sunrise, Florida early this morning. The pre-dawn accident allegedly happened along the 1500 block of Flamingo Road approaching Sunrise Boulevard. The identity of the bicyclist has not yet been released. He was pronounced dead on the scene. An investigation into the cause of the accident is still pending. However, it is known that the driver of the vehicle who hit the bicyclist is a female, she remained on scene, and was not injured. Because she did not flee the scene, the woman has not been charged with a crime. (Photo credit: Danielle A. Alvarez/Sun-Sentinel)

At this stage of this case, investigation and preservation of evidence is the most important thing. While the exact cause of this case is presently unknown, it is clear that bicycles have the right of way.

Since this accident happened in the early morning, one question that comes to mind regards the lighting conditions of the street. Was it daylight outside or still dark? This is important because if it was still dark, the bicyclist may have been required to use a flashing light while riding his/her bicycle.

At this stage of the case, determining what caused the accident is essential. Since one party is dead, the main source of information may come from the driver of the white car. Unless other independent witnesses can be found or there is available surveillance video, the driver of the white car may be the only person who an explain what happened.

For that reason, it will be important to compare her version of events to the physical evidence available on the scene of the accident. For example, looking at the above photograph, it is clear that the bicyclist hit the windshield and roof of the car.

While I am not an expert accident reconstructionist, it appears to me like this may be a head-on collision. If so, the question still remains: what caused the accident?

Who is liable? Did the driver of the white car negligently collide with the bicyclist? In the alternative, did the bicyclist cross into traffic that caused the white car to collide unavoidably?

At what point did the driver of the white car apply her brakes? If this accident happened while it was still dark outside, did she have her headlights on?

Was either party talking on a cellular phone or sending a text message at the time of the accident? Was either party distracted in some way?

Will an autopsy of the victim reveal any alcohol or narcotic intoxication?

At this stage of the case there are far more questions than there are answers. That is why it is so important to hire an injury lawyer immediately. The victim’s family would be served well by hiring an injury lawyer to lead an independent investigation into this case. Finding out what happened and what the evidence proves is essential.

Ultimately, the victim’s family maybe entitled to substantial compensation for this person’s death. This case is tragic and may have been avoidable.

I hope the bicyclist’s family is able to get answers in this case as I am sure they are suffering very deeply from the loss of their loved one. My condolences go out to them.

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