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Beverly Richards of Key West, Florida Arrested for Discharging a Firearm in Public

Beverly Richards of Key West, Florida was arrested Sunday after she was accused of shooting over her neighbor’s homes from her front porch, news sources indicate. Richards’ housemate also alleged that Richards had threatened to shoot her, sources say. Richards, 58, was booked into police custody on charges of discharging a firearm in public, use of a firearm under the influence of alcohol, and improper exhibition of a firearm. She was later released on an unspecified bail bond. It is not yet known whether she has hired a lawyer.

Reports say the incident occurred sometime Sunday evening at Richards’ home, which is located on the 6600 block of Maloney Avenue in the Florida Keys. Richards was reportedly upset by the news that she would not be able to celebrate Christmas with her granddaughter. To cool off, Richards allegedly took her handgun onto her home’s porch and fired it several times.

Police arrived at the scene sometime later and interviewed Richards and her housemate. According to reports, Richards told police that she was in a boat and shot the gun over the water; however, her housemate contradicted that story. Richards had fired the gun from the home’s porch and, at one point, had even threatened to shoot her housemate, according to the housemate’s alleged story.

Richards later told police that she had ingested a couple of alcoholic drinks and fired the gun because she was upset about not being able to spend the holidays with her granddaughter. She reportedly told the officers that shooting the gun relieved her sour feelings. When police searched the scene, they allegedly found several spent bullet casings on the home’s porch, reports say. Police believe Richards fired the gun over nearby homes. It does not appear as though any of the bullets struck he homes or injured anyone in the vicinity.

In other news, David Burch of Broward County, Florida was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of purposefully scaring children at a county elementary school, reports indicate. Burch, 28, was booked into police custody on charges stemming from the incident. A county judge ordered that he be held without bail and it is unclear whether he has hired legal representation. No one was physically harmed in the alleged incident.

Reports say the incident occurred around noon Wednesday at the Bayview Elementary School in Broward County. At that time, 22 of the school’s 7 and 8-year-old students were on the playground, where their physical education teacher was watching them. Burch allegedly approached the school’s playground area dressed in camouflage pants and “started screaming and jumping up and down,” which prompted the teacher to have “all the kids run back into the school for their safety.” As the children made their way inside, the teacher placed herself between them and the man, reports say. While they were making their retreat, Burch reportedly sprinted towards the playground’s fenced opening. Police later apprehended him in a wooded area near the school; he did not appear to have any weapons on him during his arrest.

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