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Antonio Tirado Shot in Volusia County, Florida Brawl

Antonio Tirado of Volusia County, Florida was shot in a 17-person brawl that started with a road rage incident, according to reports. Tirado, 21, was one of 17 persons aged 7-23 who was involved in the fight, which mostly occurred on the front lawn of a 17-year-old girl’s home on Galena Terrace. Police are still searching for the shooter and the other attackers, reports indicate. It is not yet clear how many may be arrested in connection to the fight.

A Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson indicated that the altercation began with a road rage incident, which occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. on Elkcam Boulevard, near Galaxy Middle School. The girl told authorities that she was driving home behind another vehicle, which was moving very slowly. Police are not sure how fast the vehicle was moving, but the girl said that she moved closer to it in hopes that the driver would go faster. She reported that the driver in front of her hit the breaks and that she distanced herself from the vehicle. She told investigators that the car continued to drive slowly and that its occupants began to shout at her.

The girl told investigators that the car eventually left and that she arrived at her home. As soon as she pulled up, she said, the other vehicle reappeared. The teen told investigators that she got out of the car and approached the vehicle, and that several men got out. She alleged that the men started swearing at her, and that one walked up to her and punched her in the face.

There was apparently a gathering of sorts at the girl’s home that night – six cars were parked outside of the residence, and there were a significant number of people inside. After hearing the commotion outside, people apparently exited the home and started fighting with the men who had come from the car.

The car and its occupants allegedly left scene once, at which point everyone retreated back into the home. The suspects then allegedly came back and attempted to incite the people in the home to come out and fight. When this tactic failed, the suspects allegedly left once more and came back with weapons. The weapons allegedly included shovels, baseball bats, and a gun. The suspects allegedly damaged the six vehicles that were parked outside of the home and shot into the house itself.

One of the shots fired into the home allegedly struck Antonio Tirado. The 17-year-old who was involved in the initial road rage instance told investigators that people were yelling that someone had been shot and that she blood on the ground after the shooting. A relative took Tirado, who was shot in the leg, to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Hospital for treatment. His injury was non-life threatening and he was released shortly after receiving treatment, according to a hospital representative. It does not appear as though anyone else involved in the fight sought medical treatment.

It is not clear what the total cost of the shooting, with vehicle and home damage as well as medical bills, came out to. It is similarly unclear whether the owner of the residence plans to file a damage complaint.

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