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Antonio Castovinci of Delray Beach, Florida Arrested for DUI

Antonio Castovinci of Delray Beach, Florida was arrested Tuesday in connection to a crash with driver Edwin Loder and his passenger Charlotte Loder back in January, news sources report. Edwin, of Boynton Beach, sustained cuts and a rib fracture in the crash, while Charlotte sustained a badly bruised leg. After the results of a toxicology report came in, Castovinci, 61, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of using false information to obtain a driver’s license and driving under the influence. A county judge set his bail bond at $45,000. The press did not specify a defense lawyer for Castovinci.

According to reports, Castovinci had his Florida license suspended in August 1999 for unspecified reasons. At that time, Castovinci went by Antonio Castrovinci. Only a month later, he re-applied for a Florida license with the last name Castovinci, sources allege. Castovinci allegedly tweaked his social security number and changed his birth date as well and was awarded a license.

The incident occurred on January 18 in the 14600 block of South Military Trail in Delray Beach, reports say. Castovinci was behind the wheel of his 2002 VMW when he drove into the side the Loder’s car, reports say. Additional details regarding the crash, such as whether either driver was attempting a turn, were not available.

Edwin Loder and Castovinci both sustained injuries to their ribs in the accident and were rushed to the Delray Beach Medical Center, sources indicate. Charlotte Loder sustained more minor injuries, but she also required treatment, sources say. It is not clear whether any of the injuries have had lasting repercussions.

Initially, when questioned by police, Castovinci reportedly said he had not consumed alcohol prior to the crash. However, officials allegedly claim that Castovinci displayed signs of drunkenness at the Delray Beach clinic following the crash. Officials conducted a toxicology test with Castovinci’s blood on the night of the crash, sources say.

The report, which came back on August 13, showed Castovinci had a blood alcohol level of .093 and .094, much higher than the limit of .08. Castovinci also tested positive for a sedative called Clonazepam, reports say. It is not clear whether he has a prescription.

In addition to the blood test results, detectives discovered that Castovinci’s license was suspended over 10 years ago and that his current license was made with false information. Officers then reportedly placed Castovinci under arrest.

Reports show this is not Castovinci’s first arrest. Since 1974, Castovinci has been apprehended by police eight times, sources say. Sources indicate that some of those charges involved driving under the influence, though the outcomes of those cases are not currently available. Other cases apparently involved other purported offenses.

Palm Beach County is home to more than a million people, and as such, is host to thousands of car crashes every year. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 13,410 recorded accidents in Palm Beach County in 2010. Alcohol was a factor in 1,123 of those accidents, the FLHSMV indicates.

Source: 10.09.13 Castovinci DUI.pdf

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