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Antoine Jasmin Killed in Car Crash in West Boca Raton, Florida

Antoine Jasmin was killed in a car crash in West Boca Raton, Florida earlier today. According to news reports, Antoine Jasmin’s car was struck by Gladys Francois’ at the intersection of Southwest 14th Street and Lyons Road. Antoine Jasmin was travelling westbound on 14th and Francois was travelling north on Lyons Road.

Early reports indicate that Francois only suffered minor injuries.

Thumbnail image for Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale.jpg Based on the tone presented in the news media, it appears as though police believe that Francois caused the car crash that led to Jasmin’s death. However, they were quick to note that neither speed, alcohol, nor drugs were involved in the car crash.

The news media is also reporting that Jasmin failed to wear a seatbelt and that his body was thrown into the passenger seat when his vehicle crashed into a pole.

As I have mentioned previously on this blog, injury lawyers look for three main elements in any case they accept. First, injury lawyers must be able to prove that the other party is responsible for the accident.

In this case, injury attorneys will need to closely evaluate all available evidence to determine what caused the car crash. In some cases, the evidence allows for an obvious conclusion. In others, it is not as clear.

For example, it will be extremely important to determine who had the right of way. Which party had a red light? Which party had a duty to yield to the other?

Since this accident happened at a major intersection, I am sure that one party either ran a red light or tried to beat a yellow light, but failed. However, without more information about the case, this is nothing more than mere suspicion.

Once injury lawyers determine 1) how the car crash occurred and 2) which party is responsible, then they must determine if the responsible party has the means to compensate the victim party.

In this case, Antoine Jasmin’s injuries are obvious… his death is extremely tragic and no injury could be greater. However, even if injury lawyers can prove that Francois was responsible for the car crash, the question about her ability to pay damages is just as important.

In reality, unless she is a wealthy person, such compensation will need to be paid by her insurance company. Hopefully she carries adequate insurance to compensate Antoine Jasmin’s family for his death, assuming the evidence proves she is responsible for it.

Building a solid case and litigating is a very important and complicated job. Knowing how to navigate through the legal system is equally complex. For these reasons, it would be extremely prudent for Antoine Jasmin’s family to hire an injury lawyer to represent them in this matter.

Not only do injury lawyers need to address the personal loss suffered by Antoine Jasmin’s survivors, but their practical losses as well. For instance, any family members that relied on Jasmin for monetary support may have a claim as well. Certainly, if Jasmin was married, his wife may have a claim for loss of her relationship with him.

As cold as this discussion may seem, the death of a someone in their working years causes a tremendous practical problem for many families, above and beyond their terrible person loss.

For this reason, injury lawyers need to assess Antoine Jasmin’s economic losses. This can include compensation for lost future wages and earning capacity for his household.

Ultimately, injury lawyers will need to analyze every aspect of this case to prove liability, establish the fill extent of injuries sustained not only by Jasmin, but by his family as well. Finally, injury lawyers will need to determine if Gladys Francois has the means to compensate Antoine Jasmin’s family for these terrible losses.

My condolences go out to Jasmin’s family and all of his loved ones.

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